Enterprise Integrations

Your company relies on many mission-critical systems to get your business running. When adding a MQTT broker to the mix, the broker is rarely a stand-alone solution if you need to get all the benefits of MQTT. HiveMQ was built up from the ground for enterprises like yours.

Every company is unique and there is no silver bullet which fits everyone when integrating a MQTT broker with the existing software landscape. We help you integrate HiveMQ to your mission-critical systems by certifying your custom built integrations and we can also help you building your integrations the way your business needs it most. Since 2013 we help companies integrate MQTT to systems like the following:

Messaging Systems

Messaging Systems build the software backbone of many businesses. HiveMQ integrates perfectly to these messaging systems in a bi-directional way. Integrate HiveMQ easily with JMS or AMQP to your message queuing applications or messaging systems. You have a complex ESB backed architecture in place? HiveMQ has you covered and integrates seamlessly with your Enterprise Service Bus. Microservice architectures get more common nowadays and many businesses rely on this agile and highly flexible approach. Connect HiveMQ to as many services as needed in minutes with custom extensions for your microservice APIs via HTTP or other (proprietary) protocols.

SQL Databases

Typical HiveMQ deployments often use SQL databases for persisting valuable business data. Classic database products like Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL are supported as well as more exotic SQL databases. The integrations go from persisting MQTT messages over client presence persistence to complex business logic based on database entries.

NoSQL Databases

Web-scale architectures often require highly scalable NoSQL solutions. Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB and other products have proofed to meet these requirements. It’s a breeze to integrate these NoSQL solutions with HiveMQ for persisting tens of thousands MQTT messages per second or to implement complex business logic based on the characteristics of the deployed NoSQL database. Graph databases like Neo4j are as easy to integrate as time series databases like Informix, InfluxDB or TSDB.

Monitoring Systems

Operating mission-critical systems is paramount to get your business running. HiveMQ is no exception and professional operation teams appreciate the advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities. Nagios, Icinga and Zabbix are as easy to integrate as products like AppDynamics or NewRelic. Cloud environments like Amazon Webservices (AWS) can be integrated with their proprietary APIs (like CloudWatch) to centralize monitoring the way you are used to operate your systems effectively.

Systems for Security

Enteprises can’t afford to risk their business and customers by lax or non-existant security of their systems. You need to integrate MQTT with your LDAP or Active Directory for MQTT client authentication and authorization? No problem, this is just a matter of a HiveMQ Enterprise Integration extension. Complex authentication mechanisms like OAuth2 are also supported and for your MQTT clients if you already have the infrastructure in place. Even integration with your company CA is possible.

Cloud Integration

If your business relies on IaaS and cloud providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform, then a tight integration with their APIs and services is desirable. These services are very easy to integrate with HiveMQ due to their API-first approaches. Storage, Monitoring and Cloud Messaging services can be integrated by simple but powerful HiveMQ extensions.

Big Data

MQTT and Big Data technologies are often used together to process huge amounts of data and gain valuable business insights. It’s no surprise that HiveMQ integrates seamlessly with Big Data products and frameworks. Map / Reduce Processing frameworks like Hadoop paved the way for efficient Big Data processing and HiveMQ can be integrated tightly with these frameworks by providing raw data (e.g. write it to HDFS) or use consuming the results of the calculations. New technologies like Apache Spark can be supported as well as proprietary solutions like SAP HANA.

Your custom applications

Many enterprises have their own application stack and a customized application landscape. You need to integrate your proprietary billing system with your MQTT broker or your device management software needs to get synchronized with HiveMQ? No problem, a custom integration to your software is just a phone call away. Let’s discuss your use case and we’ll suggest high quality and high performance solutions to bring your business to the next level with MQTT.

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