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Why Companies Choose Fully-Managed HiveMQ Cloud for MQTT Deployments

by Allison Yrungaray
9 min read

As businesses continue to digitally transform and modernize operations, the need for reliable, scalable, and secure data messaging solutions is becoming increasingly critical to stay competitive. HiveMQ Cloud is a fully-managed MQTT platform that meets these needs, enabling teams to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management. In this blog, we’ll explore why businesses choose HiveMQ Cloud, two compelling case studies - Paxton and Lumo - and highlight the advantages of HiveMQ Cloud Starter for testing and small-scale production.

Why Choose a Fully-Managed MQTT Broker?

1. Scalability and Reliability

HiveMQ Cloud provides an automatically scalable infrastructure that can handle thousands of concurrent connections and high message throughput. This is essential for businesses experiencing rapid growth or dealing with fluctuating demand. For example, Paxton, a leading provider of secure building access solutions, required a system that could support a geographically dispersed network of buildings with multiple access points. HiveMQ Cloud’s scalability ensured that Paxton could expand without worrying about system limitations.

2. Reduced Operational Overhead

Managing an MQTT platform on-premise involves significant operational overhead, including server maintenance, software updates, and monitoring. By opting for HiveMQ Cloud, companies can free up their engineering teams to focus on core business activities. Paxton transitioned from an on-premise setup to HiveMQ Cloud, which allowed their engineers to dedicate more time to developing new features and improving the customer experience.

3. Enhanced Security

Security is paramount in IoT deployments. HiveMQ Cloud offers enterprise-level security features, including end-to-end encryption, robust authentication, and authorization mechanisms. Lumo, an agtech company specializing in smart irrigation, chose HiveMQ Cloud for its superior security capabilities, ensuring the safe and reliable transmission of critical water management data.

4. Expert Support

Access to expert support can be a game-changer, especially during critical deployments or when troubleshooting complex issues. HiveMQ Cloud customers benefit from dedicated support and the expertise of HiveMQ’s engineers. Both Paxton and Lumo praise HiveMQ’s responsiveness and the value of having a knowledgeable partner to address their technical challenges.

Case Study: Paxton Powers Secure Building Access Control with HiveMQ

For nearly 40 years, Paxton has provided secure building access control products. Their solutions are installed in over 30,000 buildings annually across various industries, including education, healthcare, retail, and commercial sectors.

As Paxton expanded, they needed a reliable and scalable data messaging solution to manage their IoT devices across multiple sites. Initially using an open-source MQTT broker, they soon realized the need for an enterprise-grade solution that could handle the increasing number of connections and provide professional support.

Paxton chose HiveMQ Cloud for its superior support, scalability, and security. The fully-managed service allowed Paxton to ensure 24/7 availability for their customers while freeing up their engineers to focus on product development. The seamless migration from on-premise to cloud services was completed with zero downtime, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Case Study: Lumo Powers Smart Agriculture with HiveMQ

Lumo, founded in 2022, supports growers with innovative technology to optimize water usage and improve farm productivity. Their flagship product, the Lumo One smart valve, uses IoT technology to deliver precise irrigation control.

Operating in remote areas with unreliable networks, Lumo needed a robust and reliable IoT messaging solution to ensure timely data transmission and alert growers to potential issues. HiveMQ Cloud’s ability to handle high reliability and low-latency data transfer made it the perfect choice.

Lumo integrated HiveMQ Cloud into their AWS-based infrastructure, benefiting from the fully-managed service’s stability and the responsive support from HiveMQ’s team. This enabled Lumo to cut development time, improve their tech stack, and bring their solution to market faster. The scalability of HiveMQ Cloud allowed Lumo to rapidly onboard new customers, including some of the world’s largest specialty crop growers.

Begin with HiveMQ Cloud Starter

For businesses looking to test and deploy small-scale production environments, HiveMQ Cloud Starter offers a complete MQTT platform. It provides all the essential features of HiveMQ Cloud, tailored for smaller operations, making it an excellent choice for startups and projects in the early stages of development. When you’re ready to scale, take a look at our more advanced HiveMQ Cloud offerings.

Benefits of HiveMQ Cloud Starter:

  • Cost-Effective: Affordable pricing for businesses testing their IoT applications or running small-scale production.

  • Easy to Use: Simplified setup and management, enabling quick deployment and testing.

  • Scalable: Seamless upgrade path to the HiveMQ Cloud Enterprise as your business grows.

The success stories of Paxton and Lumo illustrate the tangible benefits of adopting HiveMQ Cloud, highlighting how it can drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and support business growth. HiveMQ Cloud Starter offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform for getting started today, and can be easily scaled into more advanced plans as use cases expand.

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Allison Yrungaray

Allison Yrungaray is Director of Communications at HiveMQ. She has 20 years of experience in high-tech marketing and public relations, much of it focused on the Internet of Things. She has written hundreds of technical articles and achieved media placements in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and other leading publications.

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