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Simplify Collaboration with Organizations for HiveMQ Cloud

by Shashank Sharma
6 min read

At HiveMQ, we're dedicated to making MQTT Platform management as seamless as possible. Our latest update introduces the “Organizations” enhancement that allows you to create and manage organizations within your HiveMQ Cloud Console. 

This enhancement not only simplifies the administration process but also empowers teams to collaborate more effectively.

What’s New?

When you log into HiveMQ Cloud, you are now automatically assigned to an organization. This foundational change brings a suite of new capabilities designed to make user management more intuitive and efficient. This can be viewed in the Profile Section in the left column. 

HiveMQ Cloud Organizations – Your organization ID is available under the Profile sectionYour organization ID is available under the Profile section

Note: This functionality is not available for Serverless users. 

Set Your Organization Name 

You can set a custom name for your organization in the Settings tab (under the Organization section in the left column).

HiveMQ Cloud Organizations – Set up your organization name in the Settings tab.Set up your organization name in the Settings tab.

Invite Members to Your Organization

With the new update, inviting team members to your organization is a breeze. Whether you’re bringing on new developers, integrating operations staff, or expanding your team, adding members ensures that everyone has the necessary access to contribute to your MQTT cluster. This collaborative environment means that all team members can view, modify, and update configurations as needed.

To add new members, go to the Members tab in the Organization section and click on Invite to invite new users to your existing organization. Then simply add their email addresses. The users will get an invite to sign up for HiveMQ Cloud if they have an existing account associated with the email address. 

HiveMQ Cloud Organizations – Invite members to your organization by using the Invite button.Invite members to your organization by using the Invite button.

Remove Members from Your Organization

Equally important is the ability to manage access dynamically. If a team member no longer needs access, you can quickly and easily remove them from your organization. This ensures that your cluster’s security and integrity are maintained, providing peace of mind that only the right people have access to your resources.

To remove a user, simply click on the Remove button in front of the corresponding member. Please note that you cannot remove the email address that is used to create the organization. It is listed as Owner under the Role column. 

HiveMQ Cloud Organizations – Remove members from your organization by using the Remove button.Remove members from your organization by using the Remove button.

Benefits of Organization Management

Simplified User Management

These updates are designed to make the process of managing users within your Cloud Console straightforward and hassle-free. The ability to invite and remove members without complex procedures means you can focus on what matters most — developing and deploying your MQTT solutions.

Enhanced Collaboration

With multiple members able to view and update configurations, your team can work more cohesively. No more bottlenecks or single points of failure; every team member has the ability to contribute and make changes, leading to a more agile and responsive workflow.


Note: We do offer more powerful and granular features to control Organization and Access management for Enterprise customers. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need that. 

Get Started

At HiveMQ, we continuously strive to enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. The introduction of organizations for HiveMQ Cloud Console is a testament to our commitment to making MQTT cloud management as efficient and user-friendly as possible. By simplifying user management and fostering better collaboration, we’re helping you make your IoT projects easy to manage and collaborate. 

To try Organizations in HiveMQ Cloud Console, sign up for a 15-day free trial of HiveMQ Cloud Starter.

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Shashank Sharma

Shashank Sharma is a product marketing manager at HiveMQ. He is passionate about technology, supporting customers, and enabling developer-centric workflows. He focuses on the HiveMQ Cloud offerings and has previous experience in application software tooling, autonomous driving, and numerical computing.

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