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PoC to Production in IIoT: Using UNS and HiveMQ Cloud MQTT Platform

by Diederik Vermeersch, Alejandro Simó
9 min read

Industrial IoT requires efficient testing and development to enable real-time monitoring and data analysis to improve processes and performance. Alejandro Simó and Diederik Vermeersch, experts from Mayker, have harnessed the power of HiveMQ Cloud to streamline these processes, transforming their approach to various projects. Mayker, a leading service company specializing in Industrial IoT solutions, leverages HiveMQ to deliver cutting-edge technology and expertise to clients across various industries. In this blog, Alejandro and Diederik share their experience with HiveMQ and how they use the MQTT platform to provide clients with a Unified Namespace (UNS) to improve data accessibility.

Rapid Prototyping with HiveMQ Cloud Serverless 

At Mayker, we frequently undertake PoC projects to explore new technologies and solutions for our clients. HiveMQ Cloud Serverless has become an invaluable tool in these efforts. Its rapid setup and high performance are perfect for the time-sensitive environments in which we operate. 

For instance, Alejandro recently used HiveMQ Cloud Serverless to set up an InfluxDB PoC with Node-RED and Grafana. This setup enabled seamless data collection and visualization, which is crucial for monitoring and analyzing industrial processes. The ease and efficiency with which this solution was implemented underscored the power of HiveMQ Cloud Serverless in streamlining complex tasks. 

Achieving interoperability is important in industrial settings as diverse systems need a way to communicate and share information. Diederik found HiveMQ Cloud Serverless to be incredibly user-friendly, particularly for projects requiring the integration of different protocols. In one project, he utilized HiveMQ Cloud Serverless to establish bidirectional communication with MQTT using Modbus and Node-RED. 

Transitioning to Fully Managed Solutions 

While HiveMQ Cloud Serverless is excellent for testing, a fully managed solution is  often necessary as projects scale. At Mayker, we frequently transition clients from PoC setups to HiveMQ Cloud. In some cases we choose HiveMQ Cloud over on-premises solutions to eliminate the overhead of maintaining Kubernetes clusters, a significant advantage for clients who lack the internal resources to manage such infrastructure. 

One notable example was when we helped a client in the manufacturing sector move from an on-premise setup to HiveMQ Cloud. This shift not only reduced their operational burden but also enhanced their system's scalability and reliability, allowing them to focus on their core business operations. 

Unified Namespace (UNS) Approach to Improve IIoT Data Accessibility 

A key strategy we employ at Mayker is the UNS approach. This method significantly enhances data integration across various systems, making it easier to manage and analyze data from different sources. 

We spearheaded several projects where UNS was implemented to great effect. For example, we implemented HiveMQ Cloud at a manufacturing company with multiple sites in Western Europe. Using HiveMQ as the central component of the new architecture, we helped the client create a scalable UNS to break down silos and make data accessible inside the business.

MQTT and Kafka Integration for Real-time Data Analysis and Monitoring 

Integrating MQTT data with IT systems is crucial for comprehensive data analysis and monitoring. Diederik extensively used the Kafka extension in HiveMQ Cloud Serverless due to its straightforward configuration, which simplifies the process of connecting MQTT data to the Cloud. 

For instance, in a project involving an automotive manufacturer, we used the Kafka extension to integrate data from various factory locations into a central system. This integration allowed for real-time data analysis and improved decision-making processes. 

Monitoring is another critical aspect of our work. Prometheus monitoring has been invaluable in identifying issues, such as message size limits in the Kafka extension. We have observed that the Prometheus monitoring endpoint in HiveMQ Cloud Professional could benefit from a broader set of metrics. Expanding these metrics would further enhance our ability to perform detailed monitoring and troubleshooting.

Feedback and Recommendations 

Our ongoing experience with HiveMQ Cloud has provided us with valuable insights, which we regularly share with the HiveMQ team. We believe that increasing access to extensions in HiveMQ Cloud Serverless would greatly benefit our testing processes. While the Enterprise version of HiveMQ includes a comprehensive set of features, including Prometheus monitoring, adding this feature to  the free tier could significantly enhance the fully-managed cloud MQTT broker’s monitoring capabilities. 


HiveMQ Cloud Serverless has revolutionized the way we approach testing and PoC projects in Industrial IoT. Its quick setup, ease of use, and high performance make it an indispensable tool for our team at Mayker. As we continue to explore its capabilities, HiveMQ Cloud is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of Industrial IoT development. 

For those working on IT and OT integrations in the Industry 4.0 domain, we highly recommend considering HiveMQ Cloud for your testing and development needs. It simplifies processes, enhances data integration, and provides a robust platform for PoC projects, paving the way for innovative advancements in Industrial IoT. 

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Diederik Vermeersch

Diederik Vermeersch is a Digital Manufacturing Consultant specializing in (Industrial) Internet of Things (IIoT/IoT). Currently working at the Belgian scaleup Mayker, he brings machines into the digital world with his expertise in OT and IT. His combination of technical skills and professional experience makes him well-suited for bridging the gap between traditional manufacturing and digital technologies.

Alejandro Simó

Alejandro Simó is a results-driven digital manufacturing consultant and systems integrator with expertise in IIoT. Currently at Mayker, he specializes in bridging OT and IT to bring factory floors into the digital world. Passionate about developing and implementing process improvements through automation and data science to realize the factory of the future.

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