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Investing in the MQTT Community

by Ian Skerrett
5 min read

The successful adoption of the MQTT protocol is critical to the success of HiveMQ. More people using MQTT means more business opportunities for HiveMQ. As the saying goes ‘rising tide lifts all boats’.

For this reason, HiveMQ has decided to invest in the MQTT community. This past summer we took on two projects: 1) Update the MQTT logo, and 2) Modernize the website. I am very proud to announce both projects have been completed and are ready for the MQTT community to view.

The old MQTT logo was something that needed to be replaced. The old design was difficult to use and kind of looked antiquated. The goal of the new design was to create something that looked modern but also resonated with the MQTT community. We wanted the MQTT developer to feel comfortable that this was still MQTT.

Old MQTT Logo

New MQTT Logo

The MQTT OASIS TC approved the new logo earlier this summer and we are featuring it on the new website. The good news is that we have provided the logo in different file formats so it will be easy for everyone to use.

New Web Site

The web site also required some attention. A lot of the content was out of date, some of the links were broken and the design was looking old. The MQTT industry needs a strong industry portal to introduce MQTT to new users. The older version of was not providing a compelling introduction.

Screenshot of the old Website

In the new design, we tried to focus the content on resources for people new to MQTT. We didn’t want content that would quickly get out of date, like news items. We also wanted to focus on case studies to showcase the wide adoption of MQTT. Finally we wanted to encourage the wider MQTT community to provide updates to the site so the site is on Github.

We are really happy with the results. The new site design is modern and is a great showcase of the MQTT community. The Software catalog reuses the content from the previous site. However, the community can now update the catalog with a pull request. Please feel free to add new listings or delete old listings that are no longer in operation. We also want more contributions of MQTT case studies. If you have an example of what people are doing with MQTT, please submit a pull request.

HiveMQ believes it is important to invest in the success of the MQTT community. We will continue to work to improve key open source projects, update web sites and provide compelling MQTT content. Let’s all make MQTT even more dominant for IoT.

Ian Skerrett

Ian is a growth-oriented marketing leader focused on B2B infrastructure, IoT, and IIoT software with over 25 years experience in the software industry. He spent 13 years with the Eclipse Foundation and was Vice President of Marketing for HiveMQ until September 2022.

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