HiveMQ Becomes First Corporate Sponsor of Eclipse Paho

HiveMQ Becomes First Corporate Sponsor of Eclipse Paho

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Written by Ian Skerret

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Published: January 24, 2020

At HiveMQ, we think the success and health of the MQTT community is very important to our corporate success. The greater number of companies successfully deploying MQTT applications creates more opportunities for everyone. This is why we also have open sourced our HiveMQ broker and HiveMQ MQTT Client.

Eclipse Paho is without a doubt a key enabling technology for the MQTT community. HiveMQ has many customers that use Paho to create their MQTT clients. Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and I am sure many others include Paho in their vendor SDKs. For many developers, Eclipse Paho is synonymous with MQTT.
The MQTT industry needs Paho to be successful.

I remember the launch of Eclipse Paho, when I was leading the Eclipse IoT community. IBM’s vision was to make MQTT pervasive by open sourcing an MQTT client SDK and standardized the MQTT specification at Oasis. IBM has invested the resources to make this vision a reality. However, now the key Paho committer has left IBM. Ian Craggs is now an independent developer and is looking for contributions to Paho.

Open source only works if companies contribute back with contributions. The MQTT industry can’t expect Ian to continue working on Paho based on his good will. This is why HiveMQ has stepped forward to sponsor Ian to the tune of $500/month for him to continue to work on Paho.

There are a LOT of companies that benefit from Paho. This is a call to other MQTT vendors, large and small, to make a commitment to the ongoing success of Paho. Now is the time to make a difference if you want to continue to rely upon Paho for your MQTT solution.

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