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How to stream IoT MQTT messages into the Azure Event Hubs Service

59 Minutes

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Webinar Overview

A key challenge for IoT use cases is how to integrate IoT data into existing infrastructures, creating a scalable and reliable 100% MQTT compliant solution. Many cloud platforms provide machine learning services, analytics services and storage services that can be leveraged for MQTT data. These same cloud platforms provide IoT services to ingest MQTT data, which are unfortunately not MQTT compliant. For companies that want a 100% compliant MQTT solution, HiveMQ offers an alternative for ingesting MQTT data in cloud environments and integrating with cloud providers data storage and analytics services.

In this webinar, we discussed the options and challenges of ingesting MQTT data to the Azure cloud platform. In particular, we will demonstrate how to deploy HiveMQ on Azure and stream the MQTT data into the Azure Event Hubs service.

Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum. To learn more about how HiveMQ can bring the full value of your IoT data to the Azure platform, visit our Azure solutions page.

Matthias Hofschen

Matthias Hofschen is Engineering Manager at HiveMQ.

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