MQTT Experts Answer Your Questions - July 2021

Time: 61 minutes

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    Webinar Overview

    In this special edition of HiveMQ webinar, 'Ask Me Anything' About MQTT: Get Direct Access to MQTT Experts', Dominik Obermaier, CTO and Co-Founder at HiveMQ, and Florian Raschbichler, Head of Support at HiveMQ, answered some of the most pressing questions around MQTT 5, Sparkplug specification, MQTT Security, HiveMQ Cloud, etc.

    Here are the top 10 questions around MQTT, MQTT 5, Sparkplug, MQTT Security, and Apache Kafka, that were answered during this session:

    • What is MQTT and where to start learning about MQTT?

    • How to secure MQTT? If you use MQTT over TLS in production, do you have to use self-signed certificates for both client certificate and server certificate or CA issued certs? If it’s CA issued certificate, what is the process? Is the client certificate the same for all the clients or does each client have a different certificate? If each client gets a different certificate installed, how do we revoke that particular client, which no longer needs to access the server?

    • In the automobile industry, what works best – Mqtt or Apache Kafka?

    • What is Sparkplug, and is it important to use? MQTT 5 versus SparkPlug – which is better?

    • When a Connect request is made using a clientID, an existing connection with the same client gets disconnected, can that be prevented for an active clientID?

    • Are there any patterns for upgrading from MQTT 3 to MQTT 5? For example, if a fleet of devices is being operated with MQTT 3 and one wants to upgrade gradually to MQTT 5 without any downtime, how is this typically done?

    • Is there a white paper on avoiding cloud vendor-proprietary lock-in with MQTT 5 generic API with cloud providers?

    • How to configure MQTT for different users in the same broker and implement a security layer so that one user cannot access the other’s topic?

    • How to monitor persistent subscribers?

    • For connections that are many hours (10 hours or more) long and used in a 1-to-1 manner, is it ok to have 100s of thousands of devices be subscribed to a unique topic to that device for that entire time? Will the broker be able to handle this many subscriptions?

    Here are the top three HiveMQ product FAQs that were covered during the session:

    1. How to run HiveMQ in a cloud environment?

    2. Are there any recommended tools/frameworks/strategies to test cloud projects that use HiveMQ?

    3. Is Hive MQ in MS Azure with Kubernetes High-Availability?

    Watch the entire video to know the answers and other questions covered during the session.

    Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum.

    Dominik Obermaier

    Dominik Obermaier is co-founder and CTO at HiveMQ.

    • Dominik Obermaier on LinkedIn
    • Dominik Obermaier on X
    • Contact Dominik Obermaier via e-mail

    Florian Raschbichler

    Florian serves as the head of the HiveMQ support team with years of first hand experience overcoming challenges in achieving reliable, scalable, and secure IoT messaging for enterprise customers.

    • Contact Florian Raschbichler via e-mail

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