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Enabling Meeting Global Demand and Electric Vehicles Initiatives for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The Automotive manufacturing industry is facing substantial disruptions in its supply chain post-COVID and is struggling to meet global demands through its traditional manufacturing. A reliable and robust global supply is essential to ensure that material shortages are understood and mitigated before significant disruptions occur.

In addition, the push towards electrification adds additional processes, regulations, and supply chain complexity to automotive manufacturing that the industry must grapple with. For example, current regulations require Electric Vehicle(EV) manufacturers to document and track all the components and raw materials used to produce their products throughout the lifecycle. From a compliance perspective, this is all new for them.

To overcome these obstacles, automotive manufacturers are digitally transforming themselves and adopting Industrial IoT (IIoT) methods to track, report, and analyze their data. Digitalization helps them maintain strict quality control, manage raw materials and inventory, and enable continuous data integration between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems. Bidirectional data movement between OT and IT systems is key to power IIoT use cases. Automotive manufacturing companies rely on HiveMQ to ensure bidirectional data movement to support use cases such as:

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Creating Powerful Digital Transformation in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Automotive Manufacturing companies are powering their Digital Transformation using IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies. Adopting IIoT technologies brings multiple advantages, including global supply chain visibility, product innovations, improved product quality, increased process efficiency, reduction in cycle times, reduction of product waste, better adherence to regulatory guidelines, and reduction of carbon footprint, to name a few.

However, there are multiple data challenges to overcome while implementing IIoT solutions, including:

You need a solution that can consistently overcome these data challenges, and MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe protocol that does that by:

  1. Deploying lightweight MQTT clients on various systems, allowing data to seamlessly flow between OT and IT systems through an MQTT broker.
  2. Connecting efficiently to existing infrastructure and thus avoiding huge investments.
  3. Enabling easy digitization of operations to ensure regulatory compliance reporting and safe practices.
  4. Providing simple and reliable data connections that work in poor connectivity environments, using less bandwidth.
  5. Providing options to trace data across the business, making it accessible to various stakeholders such as suppliers and customers during the quality audit process.
  6. Offering additional functionality by placing Sparkplug on top of MQTT for manufacturing and IIoT. Additions include Topic namespace, Data Model and Structure, Extensible process variable payload, and MQTT state management.

HiveMQ is an MQTT-Sparkplug based messaging platform designed for fast, efficient, and reliable data movement to and from food and beverage manufacturing plant machines, processes, applications, and enterprise systems on-premise or on the cloud. These technologies support IIoT and Digital Transformation within your organization.

Discover the full features of the HiveMQ platform for building IIoT solutions for the Automotive manufacturing industry.

Here are the data architecture diagrams for two of the common use cases for Automotive Manufacturing enabled by HiveMQ:

Use Case 1: Auto global operations optimization

Beverage Industry Use Case

Use Case 2: Auto Supply Chain Optimization

Food Industry Use Case
Chemical Manufacturing Process

Powering Digitization in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry with IIoT and MQTT

At the heart of Digital Transformation and digitization initiatives in Automotive manufacturing is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, which enable use cases including cloud digital twins, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, Automotive manufacturers still grapple with challenges like legacy equipment with proprietary protocols, unreliable connections, and complex infrastructures. These challenges make it difficult to implement IIoT solutions. Implementing supporting technologies, like HiveMQ, offers solutions to most of the issues mentioned above.Try HiveMQ broker and see how we can help overcome some of the challenges.