Since 2012 our team has worked with our customers to make their products smarter. If you need assistance designing your architecture or if you want to start from scratch building a solid foundation while lifting your products to the next level, we will be by your side from inception to deployment and beyond.
Our experts have helped customers in different situations ranging from building a connectivity solution for their product to introducing the dream team of MQTT and HiveMQ as a middleman between constrained devices and existing enterprise systems. Contact us to today to make your products smarter tomorrow


HiveMQ is often deployed in production critical environments where failure is not an option. We ensure that your production system is up and running fast and remains that way due to professional support. You are granted access to HiveMQ core developers and operation gurus, who make sure that you get the best performance, stability and security out of HiveMQ. We tailor our support services to your needs. Get more information here.

Development of HiveMQ Extension

Enterprise Integrations and Plugins are designed to enable seamless team work of HiveMQ and your existing systems. That’s why it is very important to design these to be as performant as possible. With the experience of event-driven and non-blocking systems, our developers are able to build the best integration possible for your individual needs.
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Review and certification of your plugins

If you decide to develop your own extensions, we offer to review your HiveMQ plugin code towards high throughput. Our HiveMQ core developers will analyze your code and make recommendations for improvements in order for it to merge seamlessly it with HiveMQ. This ensures stellar performance and maximum stability on your production system. Contact us for more details

Workshops / Trainings

Over the last couple of years our team has acquired a high level of knowledge, which we shore on in our open and in-house workshops and trainings. These are targeted at software developers and architects who want to gain greater insight into MQTT and HiveMQ. We offer workshops on a variety of different topics ranging from the MQTT Essentials to HiveMQ extension development and HiveMQ operation deep dive.
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