Get support from the experts

Introducing a new component to your software architecture can be a very time consuming process. Take the shortcut with HiveMQ and our software-/support subscription.

Every HiveMQ comes with basic support

You always have the possibility to talk to an expert when issues or questions arise. In the first year you can contact us by email anytime and get a promptly response with guidance and help in the promised timeframe. Also any updates or bug fixes for your major version are included in the subscription and will be available to you. This enables a smooth implementation of HiveMQ and you always have an expert at hand when you need it.

Upgrade to 24×7 for business critical use case

We provide short reaction times and high availability for business critical use cases with our extended support plan. This goes up to 24 hours with 7 days a week. You will have a direct line to our core team of MQTT experts in case of production issues. We work hand in hand with you to solve upcoming errors quickly and provide emergency fixes if needed.

Software-/Support Subscription Basic Individual
Included in every purchased HiveMQ
HiveMQ Updates Minor Updates, Bugfix Releases Emergency fixes,
Major Updates, Minor Updates, Bugfix Releases
Support period 1 year 1 year or more
What is supported? Current HiveMQ version Current HiveMQ version,
Older HiveMQ versions,
Enterprise Integrations,
Support channels
Support hours 9am-6pm CET up to 24/7
Response Time 8h individual
Development support * 4 hours up to 16 hours

* When developing your own plugin, our core team will assist you and give you guidance to get the most performance out of HiveMQ and your plugin.

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