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HiveMQ Edge

Software-based Edge MQTT Gateway

Enable interoperability between OT and IT systems by translating diverse protocols into the standardized MQTT format, modernizing IIoT infrastructure and making seamless edge-to-cloud integration a reality.

Industry 4.0 Architecture with HiveMQ Edge

HiveMQ Edge is a software-based edge MQTT gateway and protocol converter that helps organizations bridge the OT/IT divide. It helps organize data into a Unified Namespace, making managing and streaming data across your infrastructure easier.

HiveMQ Edge Architecture Diagram

HiveMQ Edge Key Features

Broker: Edge-optimized, fully standards-compliant MQTT broker. Incorporates an MQTT-SN protocol for constrained devices.

MQTT Bridge:  Bidirectional MQTT bridge functionality to connect to enterprise MQTT brokers.

Protocol Adapter: Supports diverse industrial communication and automation protocols, such as OPC-UA, Modbus, Siemens S7, Beckhoff ADS.

Custom Adapter: Build custom protocol adapters using our SDK from our open-source repository.

Data Hub: Integrated policy and data transformation engine that validates, enforces, and manipulates data in motion at the edge, ensuring optimal data quality for your IT systems.

Offline Buffering: In case of an MQTT bridge connection failure, messages are stored on disk and published once the connection is restored.

How to Get Started


Get HiveMQ Edge

Download HiveMQ Edge Binary

Download the latest HiveMQ Edge binary package

Or get HiveMQ Edge on Docker
docker run --name hivemq-edge -d -p 1883:1883 -p 8080:8080 hivemq/hivemq-edge
Or visit GitHub

Access the open source project at


Try the Commercial Features

HiveMQ Edge is ready to go, but you will need a trial license to try the commercial features.

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What's Included in HiveMQ Edge

HiveMQ Edge is available as a single binary with all the open source features. The commercial license key enables additional functionality.

HiveMQ Edge Free Course

Free Course

Introduction to HiveMQ Edge

This course will introduce participants to the core concepts of HiveMQ Edge, focusing on its role in consolidating and democratizing data across diverse industrial landscapes.

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Open Source Features

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Apache 2.0 OSS License

Open Source MQTT Gateway

  • Edge-Optimized Broker

  • MQTT Bridge

  • Protocol Adapters

  • Custom Adapters

Commercial Features

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Request a license key to unlock the commercial features

Everything in Open Source, plus

  • Data Hub

  • Offline Buffering

  • Enterprise Support

HiveMQ Edge Key Benefits

Specifically designed for edge deployments, and when paired with the HiveMQ platform, it creates a single, unified data integration solution that spans from edge to cloud.

Powerful Integrations with HiveMQ Edge

Powerful Integrations

Powerful plug-and-play integrations with legacy OT protocols like Modbus and OPC-UA, and automation protocols like Siemens S7 and Beckhoff ADS. Or build your own.


Increased Data Quality

With HiveMQ Data Hub, ensure data quality standards are centrally defined and enforced across all devices and messages, even at the edge.

API-based Operability

Uninterrupted Operation

Support for offline buffering (store and forward), which will queue and later publish messages in case of a connection failure with zero data loss.

Build a Unified Namespace (UNS) with HiveMQ Edge

Unified Namespace

Enable seamless data integration to a centralized data hub, capitalize on readily accessible ISA-95 profiles, and mitigate errors.

HiveMQ Edge Workspace

HiveMQ Edge: Workspace

Workspace is our observability tool, an interactive canvas displaying all connected elements at the edge to help you identify what connections you have active at the edge and where messages are being sent.

HiveMQ Edge Data Hub

HiveMQ Edge: Data Hub

HiveMQ Edge also features HiveMQ Data Hub, which can enhance the value of your IoT data. It is an integrated policy and transformation engine that validates, enforces, and manipulates data in motion to ensure data integrity and quality across your MQTT deployment from edge to cloud.

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