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HiveMQ Lobster Partnership Announcement

Landshut/Pöcking, Germany, March, 31, 2020

Whether cars, household appliances, machines and plants, consignments of goods or traffic control across the public realm – ever more data from a wide range of systems is being interconnected and integrated. For many companies, the ability to connect millions of IoT devices to their own infrastructure already constitutes the backbone for their planning, production, marketing, service and sales processes.

In order to help their customers use the Internet of Things (IoT) even more efficiently, Lobster, as a producer of standard software for data and system integration (EDI/EAI), and HiveMQ, with its MQTT platform for bidirectional data transmission, are pooling their expertise to form a new partnership!

With their two-pronged approach, Lobster and HiveMQ will now provide for the secure, reliable and secure movement of even the largest volumes of data between devices, clouds and enterprises, integrating the information into a wide variety of systems for further processing and analysis. “We can now connect up to 10 million devices via our MQTT Broker platform, enable real-time monitoring and, thanks to Lobster, convert the collected data into a wide variety of formats and forward it to a diverse range of systems and databases,” says Dominik Obermaier, HiveMQ CTO and Co-Founder.

Example: Added value for logistics

HiveMQ's IoT technology is often used to increase fleet management efficiency in the logistics sector. It allows telemetry information from thousands of vehicles to be directly integrated into back-end planning and routing systems, for example. “This, in turn, allows for the necessary transparency to improve the entire fleet sales process,” notes Lobster Managing Director Steffen Brehme.

“Our products HiveMQ and Lobster_data complement each other perfectly and make it possible to manage highly complex structures – comparable to the impeccable organization within a beehive.” The possibilities for application are just as diverse as the Internet of Things itself. “The issue at hand is not which individual device, machine, car or refrigerator ultimately supplies or receives data. We are moreover looking to allow you to connect thousands or even millions of devices to your own systems in a hassle-free and versatile way and communicate with them whilst making the collected data available securely, in the right format within any given target system," says Brehme.

About HiveMQ

HiveMQ is one of the world's leading companies for connecting machines, devices, and applications to the Internet. The HiveMQ MQTT Broker, based on the IoT standard communication protocol, is always highly available and enables data to be moved completely securely between connected devices and the cloud. The company also offers a fully managed MQTT platform, the HiveMQ Cloud, which simplifies the management and application of MQTT Brokers in production.

About Lobster

A good software adapts to the needs of a company – and not vice versa. Lobster has taken this approach since 2002. With easy-to-use solutions for complex issues, Lobster GmbH offers its customers three integration products: the standard software Lobster_data for data and system integration, Lobster_scm for digitalization and operational process integration and Lobster_pim for seamless product communication – all at the cutting edge of technology, without fail.

Lobster GmbH is using its Europe-wide operations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, the Nordics and the Benelux countries to make digital transformation accessible. The company, whose head offices are located in Pöcking on Lake Starnberg, employs around 150 staff members and currently supplies more than 1,300 national and international companies from a wide range of industries with Lobster software products – a figure which is only set to keep on growing.

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