HiveMQ Editions

Discover which HiveMQ Edition you need

HiveMQ is available in 3 different editions: HiveMQ Enterprise, HiveMQ Professional and HiveMQ Community. The Enterprise and Professional editions are commercially licensed and available for evaluation. HiveMQ CE is available for download under the Apache v2 open source license.

HiveMQ Editions Comparison

Community Professional Enterprise
MQTT Engine
Full MQTT 3.1 support
Full MQTT 3.1.1 support
Full MQTT 5 support
MQTT version compatibility layer
IPv4 & IPv6
Linear Scaling Shared Subscription Sharding
Linux Epoll Support
Proxy Protocol
HiveMQ Extension Marketplace
Community Extension SDK
Enterprise Extension SDK
Extension Hot Reload
HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions
Cluster Support
Zero Downtime Upgrades
Elastic and linear scalability at runtime
Pluggable Auto-Discovery
Autoscaling support
Cluster Overload Protection
HiveMQ Control Center
Real-time monitoring Dashboard
MQTT Client Drill-Down Analysis
User Authentication with Third Party Systems
(Separately available feature)
Backup & Restore
Advanced Analysis
Trace Recordings
Role Based Access Control
Pluggable Authentication
Authorization and Permissions
Native TLS / SSL
OCSP Stapling
Secure cluster communication with TLS / SSL
Audit Logs
Connection Overload Protection
Handshake Overload Protection
MQTT Message Metrics
JMX Monitoring
Open Source Monitoring Extensions
800+ Monitoring Metrics
Grafana Dashboards
Enterprise Extensions
Integration with Apache Kafka
(Separately available feature)
Software License
License Apache v2 Commercial Commercial
Technical Support
Support Community Forum 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
OSS Project Page