Introducing HiveMQ, the enterprise MQTT broker

HiveMQ empowers your organization to connect all your devices and services with minimal effort by using the de-facto IoT standard protocol MQTT. HiveMQ’s natural habitat is in the frontier between devices and enterprise systems. It makes sure all your devices and services get the latest information via instant, bi-directional push messages and can send their current data to your backend systems in real time.

HiveMQ is connecting two worlds: constrained mobile devices and enterprise systems
  • HiveMQ speaks the tongue of devices
  • HiveMQ integrates deeply into your existing systems

Scalable. Secure. Simple.


HiveMQ has been built to handle hundreds of thousand devices with extreme message throughput. Our engineers are working passionately every day to improve the best-in-class performance of HiveMQ to extend the extraordinary stability and speed in mission-critical MQTT deployments even more.
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HiveMQ is built for mission-critical deployments with highest security requirements. Authentication and authorization are key elements of every secure MQTT deployment and even the most advanced security mechanisms are supported in order to protect yourself from malicious MQTT clients. Of course all state-of-the-art security standards like SSL/TLS are supported to keep your data safe while being transferred to and from HiveMQ. See our security features


Professional operation teams love HiveMQ because it’s simple to use, monitor and maintain.
It is important for us to make the operation of HiveMQ a no-brainer. HiveMQ can be downloaded and started in minutes for evaluation purposes. For production deployments, HiveMQ provides start scripts for all common operating systems and a holistic monitoring approach using industry standards. See our extensive documentation for more information

HiveMQ is built on state-of-the-art technology

Event-driven and asynchronous

HiveMQ is a powerhouse built completely event-driven and asynchronous. Our experience with MQTT since 2012 has made it possible to built HiveMQ based on the non-blocking paradigm and take full advantage of the entire computing power available.

Built for MQTT

HiveMQ focuses solely on MQTT as a protocol for device communication, which allows high-grade optimizations to provide stellar performance, lowest latency and extreme throughput.

Highly extensible to integrate into your existing systems

HiveMQ has a powerful plugin system, which allows for a deep integration into your enterprise systems. Developers can get started in minutes creating custom authentication and authorization mechanisms or processing data at scale. It’s possible to customize HiveMQ the way you need it.

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