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A repository of resources for everyone from MQTT beginner to IoT expert

Core Resources

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Getting started with HiveMQ

From pre-installation to your first message.


In-depth knowledge base for developers and operation teams.

Extension Developer Guide

How to create your first own extension.

MQTT Essentials E-Book

A comprehensive overview of MQTT facts and features for beginners and experts alike.

Blog Series

MQTT 5 Essentials

A technical deep dive into new MQTT 5 features

MQTT Essentials

The ultimate kickstart for MQTT beginners.

MQTT Security Fundamentals

How to make sure your sensible data transferred over MQTT is safe and sound.

MQTT Client Library

How to use the most common and popular MQTT client libraries.

MQTT Toolbox

Learn directly from the creators of the tools how to use them in your day-to-day work with MQTT.


Introduction to MQTT

What is MQTT and how does the standard protocol for connected devices work?

MQTT Essentials Videos

Bringing anybody up to speed with the MQTT protocol without reading the whole specification.

Lightweight & Scalable IoT Messaging with MQTT

Webinar: Scalable pub/sub communication with MQTT for up to millions of devices. Which software options are available (open source)?

HiveMQ and Apache Kafka

How to seamlessly integrate IoT Data with Apache Kafka.


IIoT Protocols - A Comparison of OPC UA and MQTT With Sparkplug

A Comparison of OPC UA and MQTT With Sparkplug

Which is the ideal protocol for production environments and the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)?

Enabling the Connected Car

Enabling the Connected Car

We prepared a white paper how HiveMQ and MQTT can deliver the core infrastructure for a connected car platform.

Architecture proposal for VDA 5050

Architecture proposal for VDA 5050

This white paper discusses a reference architecture using HiveMQ to implement a VDA 5050 compliant system.

HiveMQ on Kubernetes Whitepaper

Best Practices for Operating HiveMQ and MQTT on K8s

The HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator: a fully cloud-native solution to operate your HiveMQ MQTT brokers on Kubernetes.

HiveMQ Data Sheet

Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry

How smart manufacturing is driving the manufacturing industry to modernize its software infrastructure.


July 2021

MQTT Sparkplug Essentials – Publish/Subscribe Vs. Poll/Response
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June 2021

Introducing HiveMQ Cloud on Microsoft Azure
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May 2021

What's New in HiveMQ 4.6?
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April 2021

Introducing: HiveMQ Cloud Basic Plan & HiveMQ Swarm MQTT Load Testing
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Mar 2021

HiveMQ Community Edition 2021.1 Released
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