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A repository of resources for everyone from MQTT beginner to IoT expert

Core Resources

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Getting started with HiveMQ

From pre-installation to your first message.


In-depth knowledge base for developers and operation teams.


Extension Developer Guide

How to create your first own extension.


MQTT Essentials eBook

A comprehensive overview of MQTT facts and features for beginners and experts alike.

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Sparkplug Essentials eBook

Delve into the new best-in-class IIoT software specification

Buyers Guide

2023 Buyer´s Guide MQTT Platforms

Building the Right Foundation for a Data-Driven Enterprise

Blog Series

MQTT Essentials

MQTT Essentials

The ultimate kickstart for MQTT beginners.

MQTT 5 Essentials


A technical deep dive into new MQTT 5 features

Unified Namespace Essentials

Unified Namespace Essentials

Quick introduction to UNS and its importance for IIoT and Industry 4.0 projects.

MQTT Security Fundamentals

MQTT Security Fundamentals

How to make sure your sensible data transferred over MQTT is safe and sound.

MQTT Client Library

MQTT Client Library

How to use the most common and popular MQTT client libraries.

MQTT Toolbox

MQTT Toolbox

Learn directly from the creators of the tools how to use them in your day-to-day work with MQTT.


Defining an MQTT Specification to Meet Your Industry Requirements

Defining an MQTT Specification

Do you want to create a custom MQTT-based specification for your IoT/IIoT implementation or industry requirement?

Automotive Manufacturing Whitepaper

Automotive Manufacturing Whitepaper

How to optimize global operations and supply chain for automotive manufacturing using MQTT Sparkplug.

Architecture proposal for VDA 5050

Sparkplug: Achieving ROI in IIoT

Technical whitepaper discussing how to achieve high ROI in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) using MQTT and Sparkplug specification.

Powering Digitization in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

How to accelerate digitization & IIoT efforts for your Food & Beverage organization with the HiveMQ MQTT platform.

200 Million Benchmark Whitepaper

200 Million Benchmark Whitepaper

A technical whitepaper for IoT and IIoT showcasing the capability of HiveMQ MQTT broker, which can scale up to 200 million concurrent connections.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

Chemical Manufacturing Digitization with IIoT & MQTT

Accelerate digital transformation, digitization and IIoT for your chemical manufacturing with MQTT Sparkplug.

Pharma Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

Pharma Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

IIoT technology is making it possible to automate Pharma Manufacturing operations, optimize supply chains and enable digitized regulatory reporting.

Energy Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

Energy Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

The global Energy Industry is going through a tectonic shift. MQTT addresses all upcoming challenges in digitization.

MQTT-based Manufacturing on Azure

Manufacturing Reference Architectures on Azure

Discussing manufacturing reference architectures for different inter factory connectivity IIoT use cases using HiveMQ MQTT broker on Azure.

IIoT Protocols - Smart Manufacturing Using ISA95, MQTT Sparkplug & UNS

Smart Manufacturing Using ISA95, Sparkplug and UNS

Using an MQTT Broker in smart manufacturing as a centralised server for coordinating the exchange of ISA95 models using Sparkplug and UNS.


MQTT and MQTT 5 Essentials Videos

Bringing anybody up to speed with the MQTT protocol without reading the whole specification.

MQTT Sparkplug Essentials Videos

Bringing anybody up to speed with the MQTT protocol without reading the whole specification.

HiveMQ Webinars

See our playlist of free monthly webinars, where IoT experts provide deep insights to specific topics.

Real-World MQTT for Industry 4.0

Video series about real-world Industrial IoT use cases.


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