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HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes 1.2.1 Maintenance Release

by HiveMQ Team
1 min read

The HiveMQ Team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes 1.2.1. This maintenance release for the 1.2 series provides useful bug fixes and usability improvements.

HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes Helm charts

  • Added the ability to configure the Control Center with secure HTTPS ports for the HiveMQ Platform Helm chart.
  • Adjusted the license configuration to ensure that it is possible to reuse any existing license contained in a Kubernetes secret.
  • Fixed an issue that could create an incorrect Kubernetes secret name with empty data when the license name is set.

HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes

  • Added the ability to update the HiveMQ Platform CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) automatically. This ensures that the most recent CRD version is deployed when running multiple HiveMQ Platform Operators on different versions and simplifies the operator upgrade process.
  • Fixed an issue that could trigger repeated rolling restarts when the HiveMQ Platform is deployed in Google Kubernetes Engine with Autopilot.
  • Improved feedback in the log statements of the embedded HiveMQ Prometheus Extension when the Prometheus server cannot be started. For example, if the configured port is already in use.

Get Started Today

To get started with the new operator, see our HiveMQ Platform Operator Quick Start Guide.

To update from a previous version of the Platform Operator for Kubernetes, you need to update your HiveMQ Platform custom resource definition. For simple step-by-step instructions, see our Upgrade Guide.

To learn more about our new operator, see HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes.

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