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What is new in HiveMQ Edge 2024.4

by HiveMQ Team
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HiveMQ Edge has new Data Hub enhancements that enable improved functionality and policy types to manage incoming data better at the edge.

Here are some details about the new features:

  • HiveMQ Data Hub's policy-building interface now includes new editing tools, such as a copy-paste feature that allows for quick duplication of action nodes on the canvas.
  • We have added the ability to create Behavioral Policies. These policies check client behavior against a defined behavior model to determine whether the client is acting as expected.

How it works

Data policies can now be defined for topic filters that can be directly associated with MQTT clients and protocol adapters. Creating data policies has never been easier! Our platform provides two options for building policies: REST API or our user-friendly UI. In addition, users can build and create schemas and scripts using our intuitive visual policy designer, which can be easily accessed via the main menu under Data Hub.

HiveMQ Edge Policy Designer

How it helps

Data Hub on HiveMQ Edge ensures that data transmitted by edge devices is published in the intended format — by validating it against a predefined data policy. Any data that fails to conform to the predefined data policy is automatically filtered out at the edge.

Users can now also set Behavioral Policies for incoming data. For example, after a certain sequence of MQTT packets, a publish packet is allowed, which may enforce that a client is properly initialized.

Additional Features and Improvements

  • Added optional configurations that can be used to enable monitoring of specific customer metrics for enhanced service and support. Moreover, usage behavior is tracked to improve overall user experience of HiveMQ Edge.

  • Improved reconnect function on ModBus Protocol Adapter to ensure graceful reconnect of ModBus to HiveMQ Edge.

Update on HiveMQ Edge Open Source

The HiveMQ Edge Open-Source project is publicly hosted and maintained on GitHub. We will continue to work with the community to improve HiveMQ Edge and update the Open-Source code with new features and protocol adapters.

You can download HiveMQ Edge below or find us on GitHub and Docker.

Get Started Today

Get started by running

docker run --name hivemq-edge -d -p 1883:1883 -p 8080:8080 hivemq/hivemq-edge

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