Solve the Data-Interoperability Challenge in IIoT with MQTT Sparkplug

Solve the Data-Interoperability Challenge in IIoT with MQTT Sparkplug

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Published: November 24, 2021

The success of digitization projects in a smart manufacturing set up is heavily dependent on data interoperability across heterogeneous industry 4.0 devices. The need for a future-proof architecture that can resolve the age-old data silos conundrum due to barriers in IT/OT convergence is now more than ever. MQTT Sparkplug can resolve this challenge by enabling data discovery across several IIoT devices and applications in an enterprise.

Why Implement MQTT Sparkplug in Your IIoT Architecture?

Today, HTTP, modbus, OPC-UA, etc., are known protocols for device communication in a smart industry setup. The poll / response approach used by these protocols work better only in a small IIoT setup. As you scale the number of IIoT applications, it results in a huge spaghetti architecture that becomes difficult to maintain. To future-proof your IoT architecture, you need a light-weight messaging protocol that can decouple producers and consumers of data, save bandwidth, provide one-to-many communication, enable data governance, and provide seamless always-on shop floor-to-cloud connectivity by distributing data from cloud to edge. The MQTT Sparkplug specification brings report-by-exception, auto-discovery and plug-and-play data interoperability between different vendor solutions in a modern OT/IT ecosystem. If you’d like to know the practical implementation, here’s a real-world use case example that shows how to use the MQTT Sparkplug to make greenhouse information discoverable by industry 4.0 applications that may join an MQTT broker network.

Learn How to Transform Your Smart Manufacturing Efforts with MQTT Sparkplug

The awareness of Sparkplug is still in its infancy. 37.6% have never heard of Sparkplug and another 38.2% need to learn more about Sparkplug, says a recent survey by IIoT World. To create more awareness around MQTT Sparkplug, we took part in a webinar hosted by Smart Industry titled Learn To Connect All Of Your Assets And Reliably Collect Your Industrial Data. The webinar is available on on-demand now. During this session, Dominik Obermaier, HiveMQ CTO and Co-Founder, discussed how MQTT Sparkplug can revolutionize IT/OT convergence and help decouple and move your IIoT data throughout your enterprise in a secure, reliable and scalable manner. We, at HiveMQ, welcome you to watch this free webinar, download the webinar slides, and see how you can transform your smart manufacturing efforts with MQTT Sparkplug.

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