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Migrating from HiveMQ 3 to HiveMQ 4

by Mary Brickenstein-Hofschen
4 min read

Making the move: it’s time for four

We’ve got great news for HiveMQ 3 users who have been thinking about upgrading to HiveMQ 4: migration just got a lot easier. Since the release of HiveMQ 3.4.4 and HiveMQ 4.2.1, you can seamlessly move persistent data to the latest version of the most sophisticated MQTT solution on the market (and enjoy world-class MQTT 5 support) in four simple steps.

Undecided? Find out more:

If you’re still not sure whether HiveMQ 4 is right for you, here are some of the top reasons other HiveMQ users have made the move to HiveMQ 4:

  • 100% compliance with the MQTT 5 specification with straight-out-of-the-box support for all new and optional MQTT 5 features and functionality.

  • Support for heterogeneous MQTT deployments between all MQTT versions (MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1, and 5).

  • A brand new extension framework with hot reload functionality that can integrate HiveMQ into virtually any existing enterprise system.

  • Powerful new HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions that ensure a scalable, secure, and stable experience.

  • Open APIs and pre-built extensions for deep integration with a variety of third party systems such as Prometheus, Amazon S3, InfluxDB, Kubernetes, and Apache Kafka.

  • Official Docker images and a one-click AWS installer that streamline the deployment of standalone MQTT messaging systems and distributed, fault-tolerant, auto-scaling HiveMQ clusters.

  • Simplified installation and management of distributed services with the official HiveMQ DC/OS service which makes deployment and operation of a HiveMQ cluster a breeze.

Ready to go? Here’s how:

  1. Do a rolling upgrade from your current HiveMQ 3 version to HiveMQ 3.4.4.

  2. Install HiveMQ 4.2.1 on a fresh HiveMQ cluster.

  3. Export persistent data with the HiveMQ 3 Web UI.

  4. Import data with the HiveMQ 4 control center.

For detailed instructions and step-by-step visuals, see our HiveMQ 3.4.4 to HiveMQ 4.2.1 migration guide.

Mary Brickenstein-Hofschen

Mary is a technical writer at HiveMQ. She enjoys providing precise information that helps HiveMQ users get things done.

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