Connect your MQTT devices with HiveMQ Cloud for free

Connect your MQTT devices with HiveMQ Cloud for free

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Published: March 14, 2021

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HiveMQ Cloud now grows with your needs. In August 2021 we introduced our new package HiveMQ Cloud Pay As You Go. Read all about this new plan.

Almost one year ago, we released a 7 day free trial for HiveMQ Cloud, our fully managed MQTT service. Since then a tremendous number of HiveMQ Cloud users have tried out our managed IoT service, that makes it easy to deploy and manage an MQTT broker in the cloud. Many of them are still successful with their HiveMQ Cloud cluster. At HiveMQ, we take feedback very seriously and so we took the following feedback to heart, that a Free Trial limited to 7 days is not suitable especially for very small projects or longer running proof of concepts.

With this we are very happy to announce that HiveMQ Cloud now is also available for free! With HiveMQ Cloud Basic we introduce a new package to our already existing offering, that you can use for free without having to enter your credit card information. Connect up to 100 devices and enjoy our simplicity and flexibility of using a hosted MQTT cloud broker at no cost.

To get started, we provide easy getting started guides in the cluster view of your running cluster and in our documentation so you can fully focus on your project, whether you are just learning about MQTT or building your first IoT application. HiveMQ Cloud supports you with all the MQTT features you need to create a great and impressive MQTT implementation, from true support for all QoS levels, to shared subscriptions and retained messages, to user properties and much more.

HiveMQ Cloud Basic is great for makers, proof of concepts and small projects. However, once you are ready to scale up, HiveMQ Cloud is ready with the reliability and scalability to support your business critical solutions too.

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