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The enterprise standard for MQTT

HiveMQ is the proven enterprise MQTT platform because it’s reliable under real-world stress, built for flexibility, security, and scale, and provides real-world solutions.

Connect, communicate and control with HiveMQ

The HiveMQ platform extends the power of MQTT, the industry standard for IoT messaging, with a complete solution for production IoT deployments.

Connect anything with MQTT

Connect devices via our open-source MQTT clients, use HiveMQ Edge to convert proprietary industrial protocols to MQTT, and integrate data with existing streaming services, databases and IT systems.

HiveMQ Client Library HiveMQ Edge HiveMQ Extensions

Communicate reliably

At the heart of the HiveMQ platform is the MQTT broker, 100% compliant with the specification and built for the fast, efficient, and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices.

HiveMQ Broker

Control your IoT data

Gain control over your data with visualization and management tools, powerful security features, and an integrated policy engine that can validate, enforce, and transform data in motion.

HiveMQ Control Center HiveMQ Enterprise Security HiveMQ Data Hub HiveMQ Swarm

HiveMQ wrote the book on MQTT

You’re in the right place for expert guidance and resources whether you’re new to MQTT or building out your IoT platform.

Read MQTT Essentials

HiveMQ is reliable under real-world stress

Choosing the HiveMQ Broker means never losing a message and always having consistent communication, even during upgrades.

HiveMQ is flexible by design

Flexible by design

Send data anywhere with flexible integration into enterprise applications and infrastructure like Apache Kafka.

HiveMQ offers enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade security

HiveMQ is designed from the ground up with maximum security in mind, allowing you to enable the security features your use case requires.

HiveMQ is simple-to-deploy


Achieve rapid time-to-value with a platform that can be deployed on-premise, in any cloud, or via the fully-managed and feature-rich HiveMQ Cloud offering.

Developers love HiveMQ

HiveMQ's robust implementation of MQTT is 100% aligned to the open standard to give you speed, flexibility, and freedom.

  • Fast: Set up HiveMQ in five minutes

  • Automated: Terraform scripts automate spin up and scale

  • Easy: Client libraries, SDKs, plug-ins, and extensions

  • Supported: World-class developer docs

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Industry Solutions

Leading brands choose HiveMQ to build smarter IoT projects, modernize factories, and create better customer experiences in use cases in automotive, energy, logistics, smart manufacturing, transportation, and more.

Get started with HiveMQ today

Choose between a fully-managed cloud or self-managed MQTT platform. Our MQTT experts can help you with your solution and demonstrate HiveMQ in action.

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