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The Unified Namespace is Powerful for Industry 4.0, But How Does it Work?

August 31, 2022

Many companies implement a Unified Namespace (UNS) to accelerate their Industry 4.0 projects. UNS is a great way to organize all of your data to establish a single version of the truth across your plant and enterprise. While the concept is really powerful, companies struggle to understand it well enough to implement it successfully.

Watch Kevin Jones, CEO and lead strategist at Ectobox, Inc., and David Schultz, the owner of G5 Consulting, introduce the concepts of the UNS, where it exists in an Industry 4.0 architecture, the benefits, and most importantly how to execute it.

Read our whitepaper Smart Manufacturing Using ISA95, MQTT Sparkplug and the Unified Namespace to learn more.

Contents of the Webinar:

About the Speakers

Portrait of Speaker: Kevin Jones
Kevin is CEO and lead strategist at Ectobox, Inc., an Manufacturing Intelligence solutions company and Industry 4.0 systems integrator in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded the company 20 years ago. He is an IoT Inc. Certified IoT Professional, and an active member and on the board of the Allegheny Appalachian Chapter of SMRP, and member of PMPA and NTMA.

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Portrait of Speaker: David Schultz
David Schultz is the owner of G5 Consulting. He works with manufacturers to help them develop and execute strategies for their digital transformation and asset management initiatives. He has 25 years of automation and process control experience across many market verticals, with a focus on continuous and batch processing. He is the Director Elect for the SMIIoT Division of ISA and serves on several technical committees. He is also a member of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

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