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Testing the Scalability of a Robust Iot System With Confidence

December 22, 2021

Discovering scalability constraints of IoT of devices’ connectivity before production is challenging – especially in a massively distributed, ever-changing environment. Unlike application testing scenarios, IoT testing scenarios are difficult to replicate and simulate as IoT devices show multiple complex behavioral patterns.

HiveMQ Swarm IoT Testing tool solves the very challenge of testing the performance, scalability, and reliability of IoT solutions that use MQTT as its messaging backbone.

In this webinar, Ian Skerrett from HiveMQ introduced the powerful features of HiveMQ Swarm and presented how you can confidently identify constraints in your IoT system before it is deployed into production.

The highlight of the webinar was a live demo from Yannick Weber, who demonstrated how enterprises can leverage HiveMQ Swarm to evaluate the scalability of IoT systems with real use case scenarios.

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About the Speakers

Portrait of Speaker: Ian Skerrett
Ian Skerrett is Vice President of Marketing at HiveMQ. He has over 25 years of experience in the software industry and is one of the top experts for creating open source strategies for enterprise software products. He was instrumental in creating the Eclipse IoT open source community with more than 15 different open source projects that provide the building blocks developers require for building IoT solutions. He is also a frequent speaker on IoT and MQTT.

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Portrait of Speaker: Yannick Weber
Yannick Weber is a Software Engineer at HiveMQ, he works for the Tools and Extensions Team. Yannick is the maintainer of the HiveMQ Testcontainer.

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