Scalable Industrial Data Management for IIoT and Smart Manufacturing

Time: 59 minutes

Watch Webinar

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:34 - The Power of Effective Data Management for Smart Manufacturing
  • 03:21 - Aligning Data Management With Business Objective
  • 04:34 - Identifying, Acquiring and Integrating Plant-Floor Data for Smart Manufacturing
  • 06:33 - Potential Sources for Data Acquisition
  • 21:38 - DataOps for Industrial IoT Data Management
  • 25:44 - Data Modelling for IIoT
  • 26:49 - Data Normalization for IIoT
  • 28:30 - Data Transformation for IIoT
  • 29:53 - Data Contextualisation for IIoT
  • 31:26 - Data Modelling Standards for Smart Manufacturing (MQTT Sparkplug, OPC UA, AAS, etc. )
  • 39:21 - Semantic Data Structuring with MQTT Sparkplug and Unified Namespace
  • 44:31 - Key Steps to Designing Your UNS Data Architecture
  • 50:34 - IIoT Data Storage and Actionable Analytics Generation (Time-series, Structured, Data lakes, Graph DB, etc.)
  • 54:30 - Q&A

Webinar Overview

To consistently generate actionable insights, make real-time decisions, and significantly improve your manufacturing business operations, you need a well-thought-out industrial data management strategy that empowers you to gather, store, process, and interpret data meaningfully. More importantly, effective data management facilitates the abstraction of the automation layer, making it easier for you to scale your smart manufacturing solution across a broad range of plant environments, business units, and production lines.

Watch Kudzai Manditereza, Developer Advocate at HiveMQ, in this webinar recording discussing key strategies and industrial data management approaches that scale, allowing you to harness the potential of your data in driving the success of your smart manufacturing use cases.

Key Takeaways from this webinar recording:

  • Uncover best practices for collecting, processing, and utilizing data to optimize production, reduce downtime, and enhance quality control.

  • Learn how to implement a distributed industrial data management strategy, as opposed to the unscalable approach of storing all your data in one place.

  • Learn how to avoid the trap of a complex and tightly coupled data landscape for a more modern, powerful and flexible architecture with MQTT at its core.

  • Expert tips and recommendations for developing a comprehensive data management strategy tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

This webinar is designed for:

  • Industrial IoT Solution Architects, Digital Transformation Specialists and looking to leverage IIoT and data analytics for manufacturing operational excellence.

  • Manufacturing professionals and executives seeking to maximize the potential of their production processes.

  • Technology enthusiasts and solution providers looking to explore the latest trends and advancements in smart manufacturing.

Kudzai Manditereza

Kudzai is a tech influencer and electronic engineer based in Germany. As a Developer Advocate at HiveMQ, he helps developers and architects adopt MQTT and HiveMQ for their IIoT projects. Kudzai runs a popular YouTube channel focused on IIoT and Smart Manufacturing technologies and he has been recognized as one of the Top 100 global influencers talking about Industry 4.0 online.

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  • Contact Kudzai Manditereza via e-mail

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