Revolutionizing IoT Testing - A Sneak Peak of HiveMQ Swarm

56 Minutes

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Webinar Overview

Load testing and reliability testing of MQTT systems are imperative for any business-critical IoT solution. HiveMQ Swarm provides the distributed simulation environment to successfully test millions of MQTT clients, millions of MQTT messages, and hundreds of thousands of MQTT topic names. The tool can check the performance, scalability, and reliability of your IoT solution before it is deployed into production.

Read more about HiveMQ Swarm and how it enables you to find scalability, performance and reliability issues

In this webinar, Dominik Obermaier, CTO and co-founder at HiveMQ, and Georg Held, engineering manager at HiveMQ, introduce this new testing tool and give a demo to showcase its capabilities, such as:

  • Complete end-to-end testing

  • A Distributed platform

  • Simulation of millions of devices, messages and MQTT topics

  • Develop reusable scenarios

  • Create custom data generators

Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum.

Dominik Obermaier

Dominik Obermaier is co-founder and CTO at HiveMQ.

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Georg Held

Georg is Director of Product Development at HiveMQ. Under his responsibility the HiveMQ Broker, Enterprise Extensions, and Swarm are developed.

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