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Power-up Digital Transformation in Breweries with MQTT Sparkplug

Time: 58 minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:18 - Goals of digital transformation in the brewery industry
  • 04:49 - Data integration complexity and how MQTT Sparkplug addresses this challenge
  • 14:09 - A demo on how to create MQTT Broker Instance on HiveMQ Cloud
  • 16:00 - Benefits of Digital Transformation in the brewery industry
  • 19:24 - Overview of N3uron IoT platform
  • 22:13 - Technical Demo
  • 44:52 - Q&A

Webinar Overview

Ever-changing customer requirements, rising energy costs, and strained supply chains are coercing the brewery industry to increase innovation, operate more efficiently, reduce cost, and improve quality in its production processes. Digital transformation is helping breweries meet these demands and gain a competitive advantage through improved scheduling, capacity management, production efficiency, power, and quality monitoring. However, outdated data infrastructure with inconsistent data models is adding complexity and making it difficult to achieve digital transformation. That said, there’s a solution to simplify and power it up using MQTT Sparkplug data infrastructure.

Watch Jose Granero Nueda, Head of customer success and sales engineering at n3uron, and Kudzai Manditereza, Developer Advocate at HiveMQ, in this webinar showcasing a technical demonstration on how MQTT Sparkplug can:

  • Integrate an end-to-end IIoT solution for brewery asset and process management

  • Deploy a highly scalable “plug-and-play” brewery data ecosystem

  • Enable rapid connection of new devices and legacy systems and bring seamless integration of data from thousands of business-critical applications, all through a single interface

  • Provide all brewery stakeholders with real-time access to data from integrated assets and processes

  • Increase production efficiency by leveraging an event-driven, one-to-many data integration pattern

Kudzai Manditereza

Kudzai is a tech influencer and electronic engineer based in Germany. As a Developer Advocate at HiveMQ, he helps developers and architects adopt MQTT and HiveMQ for their IIoT projects. Kudzai runs a popular YouTube channel focused on IIoT and Smart Manufacturing technologies and he has been recognized as one of the Top 100 global influencers talking about Industry 4.0 online.

  • Kudzai Manditereza on LinkedIn
  • Contact Kudzai Manditereza via e-mail

Jose Granero

Jose Granero is Head of Customer Success and Sales Engineering at N3uron Connectivity Systems and has a strong background in industrial automation and telecommunications. In his current role, he works with companies to help build robust and scalable architectures, apply best practices, integrate solutions, and leverage edge and cloud computing.

  • Jose Granero on LinkedIn
  • Contact Jose Granero via e-mail
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