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MQTT: The Key to Scalable Reliable Connected Car Platforms

61 Minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 13:00 - Current Challenges
  • 14:57 - Unreliable Networks and Network Latency
  • 15:48 - Broadcast messages to large fleets of vehicles
  • 16:32 - Scaling up to meet demand
  • 17:47 - Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • 18:40 - Monitor and Troubleshoot Deployments
  • 22:12 - New Technologies are needed
  • 23:14 - A New Architecture
  • 24:33 - Connected Car Protocol: MQTT
  • 29:23 - New Technologies found
  • 29:35 - Remote Door Unlock with MQTT
  • 30:29 - Enterprise MQTT Platform
  • 31:56 - 10mio+ Persistent Always-on Connections
  • 33:21 - Guaranteed and Reliable Data Delivery
  • 36:15 - Elastic Scalability and Auto Heal
  • 37:26 - Cloud Neutral Deployment
  • 38:30 - Open API and Extension Framework
  • 40:21 - Observability and Insights from Operations
  • 41:43 - HiveMQ for Connected Cars
  • 43:10 - ECARX Case Study
  • 45:01 - HiveMQ: The Standard for Connected Car

Webinar Overview

The connected car has been around for over two decades. However, unreliable cellular networks, the limitation of HTTP for bi-directional communication and now the requirement for handling spikes in connectivity traffic have created growing challenges.

Increasingly the automotive industry is focused on the need to deliver better user experience, create new revenue streams and improve vehicle performance. To do this the industry is turning to MQTT, a lightweight publish/subscribe protocol, to create a reliable and scalable connected car platform to reach millions of cars.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • The reliability challenges of connected cars

  • The benefits of MQTT versus HTTP

  • Real world lessons from projects with Audi & BMW

  • How to build a MQTT scalable connected car platform

Christian Meinerding

Christian Meinerding is the CEO and Co-founder of HiveMQ. He is leading HiveMQ with a mission to build a central nervous system to help businesses connect and manage their IoT devices and data. He is a frequent writer and a speaker at international events sharing his experience from 100+ IoT production deployments.

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