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The Business Case for MQTT:

Why MQTT Can Accelerate Your IoT Digital Transformation

July 20 2022

IoT is a crucial part of digital transformation initiatives across industries. MQTT is the de-facto standard for IoT messaging, which helps reliably connect devices and efficiently move data bidirectionally between them even in unreliable networks. MQTT can also help reduce the cost of your IoT project.

MQTT is proven to reduce networking costs, IoT hardware costs, and cloud infrastructure costs. Worldwide, thousands of companies across multiple industries successfully deploy MQTT to build new digital products, improve customer experiences, optimize operations, bring efficiency to value chains, and touch every aspect that a digital transformation project needs.

Watch this webinar to know the business case for using MQTT and see how various industries successfully deploy MQTT in their IoT/IIoT/digital transformation projects.

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About the Speaker

Portrait of Speaker: Ian Skerrett
Ian is a senior marketing and product management executive with over 25 years experience in the software industry. He has been involved in the MQTT and IoT industry for over 8 years. Previous to HiveMQ, Ian created the Eclipse IoT open source community that features MQTT open source projects.

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