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IoT Observability: Enabling Real-time MQTT Message Tracking Across an IoT Environment

September 28, 2022


Previously, it was impossible to trace MQTT data from device to cloud. Experts could do a trace recording activity after the fact, but not in real-time. HiveMQ has solved this problem now.

With HiveMQ’s upcoming OpenTelemetry integration, you can trace and debug MQTT data streams between devices and cloud service providers in real-time. With this, MQTT data is instrumented inside the solution to give you the flexibility to:

  • Enhance customer experience and support by minimizing resolution time.
  • Find opportunities to make your IoT applications more productive and resilient.
  • Unlock value from your APM investments by deeper engagement with the MQTT broker.

Watch this webinar to learn how IoT Observability can add game-changing capabilities to your IoT environment.

Contents of the Webinar:

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Portrait of Speaker: Ryan Bateman

Portrait of Speaker: Gaurav Suman

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