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How to Setup, Run, and Scale a Secure MQTT Broker on Kubernetes

54 Minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 02:27 - Technical IoT Challenges.
  • 05:15 - Introduction to HiveMQ - Enterprise MQTT broker.
  • 07:16 - Challenges to operate a reliable, scalable, and secure MQTT broker deployment.
  • 12:15 - Introduction to Kubernetes.
  • 14:23 - Demo.

Webinar Overview

Many organizations are looking to deploy their own MQTT cloud or broker so it can run and scale in a Kubernetes cluster. To make this easy, HiveMQ recently released their own Kubernetes operator for easy Kubernetes deployment.

In this online seminar, experts from HiveMQ and inovex will demonstrate how HiveMQ can be deployed into any Kubernetes cluster - managed in the public cloud or hand-crafted in your on-premise environment. They will also show how HiveMQ running in Kubernetes can take advantage of utilities such as Prometheus for monitoring, Hashicorp Vault for security, and much more.

HiveMQ’s partner inovex has in-depth experience running large scale deployments of HiveMQ. During the session, they will share their best practices of operating a reliable and scalable HiveMQ deployment.

Magi Erber

Magi Erber is Senior Product Manager at HiveMQ. She loves creating software that delights customers and helps them realizing innovative IoT solutions.

  • Contact Magi Erber via e-mail

Christian Rohmann

Christian Rohmann is expert on Kubernetes and cloud architectures at inovex.

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