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How MQTT 5 Makes Difficult Iot Use Cases Possible

Jun 30 2021

MQTT 5 is the most recent version of the MQTT specification. It includes many new features that are very useful for implementing specific IoT use cases. For example, Vehicle to Anything (V2X), Connected Cars, Smart Toll Booth, etc.

In this webinar, Florian Raschbichler, Head of Support at HiveMQ, covered some of the main features of MQTT 5, such as:

  • Topic Aliases
  • Shared Subscriptions
  • Request / Response Pattern
  • User Properties
  • Session and Message Expiry
  • Payload Type Descriptors
  • Enhanced Authentication

Florian also illustrated some of the real-life IoT use cases that can be solved using these MQTT 5 features.

Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum.

About the Speaker

Portrait of Speaker: Florian Raschbichler
Florian serves as the head of the HiveMQ support team with years of first-hand experience overcoming challenges in achieving reliable, scalable, and secure IoT messaging for enterprise customers.

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