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Learn About Scalability From the HiveMQ 200 Million Benchmark

February 28, 2023

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About this webinar:

As the number of IoT devices continues to grow, it is critical to have a reliable and scalable data foundation in place to power new use cases, new products, and services.

Senior technology leaders, IT architects, and engineers alike – watch this on-demand webinar where we show how we achieved 200 million concurrent connections with the HiveMQ platform. Whether you need to make 1,000, 10 million or 200 million connections for your IoT application, the same best practices apply and there is a lot you can learn from this industry-leading feat to deploy and scale your IoT projects successfully.

Experts from our engineering team, Dr. Vladimir Podolskiy, Distributed Systems Specialist at HiveMQ, and Tamer Shahin, Engineering Manager at HiveMQ, along with Gaurav Suman, Director of Product Marketing at HiveMQ, show you the impressive results of our benchmark. Watch the capabilities of HiveMQ in action and understand why it is the go-to solution for so many organizations.

We encourage you to download our 200 Million benchmark whitepaper, which further details why reliable scaling matters in IoT, how we achieved 200 million concurrent connections, how you can test our broker, and how HiveMQ can meet the demands of your growing IoT infrastructure.

Contents of the Webinar:

About the Speakers

Portrait of Speaker: Dr. Vladimir Podolskiy

Portrait of Speaker: Tamer Shahin

Portrait of Speaker: Gaurav Suman

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