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Connecting a Smart Factory to the Cloud with MQTT and Sparkplug

59 Minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 00:00 - Introduction to the Webinar
  • 03:21 - Connecting a Smart Factory
  • 07:10 - What is MQTT?
  • 08:28 - What is MQTT Sparkplug Specification?
  • 13:12 - Live Demo on How to Remotely Connect a Smart Factory to the Cloud Without Installing Any Software
  • 30:13 - Information on Canary in Canary cloud as a Service in the Amazon environment.
  • 42:26 - How to take Unified Namespace provided by broker which is essentially a data model and create an asset model around that Namespace?
  • 47:57 - Quick Recap.
  • 49:29 - SparkPlug Landscape diagram.
  • 50:49 - The communication is bi-directional but there's no inbound Ports. So how is the magic of bi-directionality going on?
  • 52:21 - Can we connect SQL Data to Canary? How did you connect HiveMQ's broker to Axiom?
  • 54:41 - What's the criteria to select Hive on Premise vs. in the Cloud? How to link HiveMQ to Kafka?
  • 57:34 - If the originating device does not support change transmission, how does Sparkplug know to provide updates or does it just change the polling rate?

Webinar Overview

The movement towards building smart factories is driving the adoption of MQTT and Sparkplug. These two technologies define the standard for sharing industrial data across the entire ecosystem of hardware vendors and application providers, like SCADA, MES, and Historian vendors. Sparkplug and MQTT now make it possible to consolidate the industrial data in the cloud for a deeper level of analysis and visualization to make smarter decisions.

This webinar showcases how easy it is to connect the popular Opto 22 groov EPIC to the cloud using HiveMQ Cloud and then visualizing the real-time data in Canary Labs Cloud historian.

The fun thing about the demo in the webinar is that no software was installed; we used only managed cloud solutions provided by HiveMQ and Canary Labs.

Jeff Knepper

Jeff Knepper is Executive Director of Business Development at Canary Labs.

  • Jeff Knepper  on LinkedIn

Benson Hougland

Benson Hougland is VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at Opto 22. Benson has three decades of experience in manufacturing automation. In his role as the Vice President of Opto 22, Benson brings awareness to the new lines of products released by the company and still finds time to be hands-on with the hardware and software.

  • Benson Hougland on LinkedIn
  • Contact Benson Hougland via e-mail

Ian Skerrett

Ian is a growth-oriented marketing leader focused on B2B infrastructure, IoT, and IIoT software with over 25 years experience in the software industry. He spent 13 years with the Eclipse Foundation and was Vice President of Marketing for HiveMQ until September 2022.

  • Ian Skerrett on LinkedIn
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