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Connecting a Smart Factory to the Cloud with MQTT and Sparkplug

No Installation Required

The movement towards building smart factories is driving the adoption of MQTT and Sparkplug. These two technologies define the standard for sharing industrial data across the entire ecosystem of hardware vendors and application providers, like SCADA, MES, and Historian vendors. Sparkplug and MQTT now make it possible to consolidate the industrial data in the cloud for a deeper level of analysis and visualization to make smarter decisions.

This webinar showcases how easy it is to connect the popular Opto 22 groov EPIC to the cloud using HiveMQ Cloud and then visualizing the real-time data in Canary Labs Cloud historian.

The fun thing about the demo in the webinar is that no software was installed; we used only managed cloud solutions provided by HiveMQ and Canary Labs.

About the Speakers

Portrait of Speaker: Ian Skerrett
Ian Skerrett is Vice President of Marketing at HiveMQ. He has over 25 years of experience in the software industry and is one of the top experts for creating Open Source Strategies for enterprise software products. He was instrumental in creating the Eclipse IoT open source community with more than 15 different open source projects that provide the building blocks developers require for building IoT solutions. He is also a frequent speaker on IoT and MQTT.

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Portrait of Speaker: Jeff Knepper

Portrait of Speaker: Benson Hougland

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