On-Demand Webinar

Build Your Own HiveMQ Extension

OCT 29 2020

In an interconnected world, companies need to be able to integrate their MQTT broker into existing enterprise applications and services. One way to do so is to use an MQTT broker that can be extended by custom functionality. HiveMQ has a powerful integration SDK for doing this. The HiveMQ extension SDK provides an open API that enables developers to create custom extensions that suit their specific infrastructures. The extension framework can be used to enrich HiveMQ with custom business logic or to integrate virtually any system into HiveMQ. In this webinar, our experts will clarify the motivational drivers for building custom extensions and give an introduction to the HiveMQ extension SDK. Using an example, they will also live-demonstrate how to develop, debug, and test a custom HiveMQ extension.

About the Speakers

Portrait of Speaker: Anja Helmbrecht-Schaar

Portrait of Speaker: Georg Held

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