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Bridging OPC UA Data to Azure Cloud with MQTT

April 27, 2022

The OPC UA Client/Server model of communication is useful for closed-loop command and control interactions between field devices and applications at the industrial edge, especially where the number of connections is not very high. It falls short when it comes to integrating your production data with external systems such as cloud-based analytics and other IT applications that know nothing about OPC UA.

As the number of connected components increases rapidly in Industrial IoT scenarios, this model cannot scale to meet such connectivity demands. The solution to these challenges is to use OPC UA’s PubSub communication model with an MQTT message broker.

Watch Kudzai Manditereza, Founder of Industry 40.tv, to learn how to go about it as we describe and demonstrate an end-to-end implementation of this solution.

About the Speaker

Portrait of Speaker: Kudzai Manditereza
Kudzai is a Technology Communicator and Founder at Industry40.tv. He is currently involved in four efforts: Industry4.0 Research, Educational Videos, Podcast Host, and IIoT Systems Integration. He has a background in Embedded Systems Design, Software Engineering, and Industrial Automation.

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