MQTT Experts Answer Your Questions - March 2022

Time: 58 minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:23 - How does store and forward work in MQTT? Does the change in tag gets saved internally with a timestamp? Will it push all the saved historical tags first before it pushes the current state of the tags? How does that impact tag event scripts used to save things to DBs?
  • 07:22 - How to implement ISA 95 with Sparkplug B?
  • 09:30 - When should we use AMQP over MQTT?
  • 14:25 - What is the common way to use MQTT protocol for communicating with database-powered applications like MES and ERP.
  • 22:21 - Can you give an example of how a small-medium-sized discreet manufacturer would be using MQTT?
  • 28:56 - How can I get HiveMQ working with Kafka?
  • 30:00 - In which uses cases would you use MQTT or Sparkplug B over OPC-UA?
  • 32:52 - Is it possible to transmit live video streams and images using MQTT?
  • 34:14 - How do we manage onboarding and adding devices at scale with security certificates (X-509 and Symmetric keys) with HiveMQ. Like Device provisioning service in Azure IoT.
  • 38:45 - Is python an efficient language for MQTT?
  • 40:10 - Is there a way to purge a topic in case there are retain messages in the topic?
  • 45:00 - What is the difference between MQTT 3 and MQTT 5? Is it upward or downward compatible?

Webinar Overview

Drawing upon the success of our previous โ€˜Ask Me Anything About MQTTโ€™ webinar and on popular demand, we started a webinar series under the same name. In this March 2022 edition, our MQTT experts answered questions around MQTT 3, MQTT 5, MQTT Sparkplug, OPC-UA, AMPQ, ISA 95, and IoT architecture.

Jens Deters, Head of Professional Services at HiveMQ and Florian Raschbichler, Head of Support at HiveMQ, personally answered questions live during the webinar.

Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum.

Jens Deters

Jens Deters has held various roles in IT and telecommunications over the past 22 years: software developer, IT trainer, project manager, product manager, consultant and branch manager. Today Jens leads the Professional Services Team at HiveMQ. As a long-time expert in MQTT and IIoT and developer of the popular GUI tool MQTT.fx, he and his team support HiveMQ customers every day in implementing the world's most exciting (I)IoT UseCases at leading brands and enterprises.

  • Contact Jens Deters via e-mail

Florian Raschbichler

Florian serves as the head of the HiveMQ support team with years of first hand experience overcoming challenges in achieving reliable, scalable, and secure IoT messaging for enterprise customers.

  • Contact Florian Raschbichler via e-mail

Gaurav Suman

Gaurav Suman, Director of Product Marketing at HiveMQ, has over a decade of experience in roles like Solutions Architect and Business Development Manager. His journey includes launching market-first products and achieving a 2X revenue increase in the past year. Eager to connect with industry peers, Gaurav pushes the boundaries of what Product Marketing can achieve for businesses.

  • Contact Gaurav Suman via e-mail

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