First Steps

New to MQTT and HiveMQ?

We have all the pieces available to prototype your MQTT use case in minutes

HiveMQ Public Broker

We have a public broker were you can do your first steps with MQTT. It is free of charge, already setup and ready to go.

Use our Public Broker

Use our free broker without any installation

Setup local instance

You can always setup your private broker if you like.
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HiveMQ MQTT Websocket Client

In order to make it super simple to send your first MQTT messages, we have built an browser-based MQTT client that is easy to use and preconfigured with the HiveMQ public broker. So you can start right away to send and receive messages (See our MQTT Essentials on how MQTT works and how you can send messages).

HiveMQ Websocket Client

HiveMQ Websocket Client

Try the websocket client

Other client tools

If you prefer to use MQTT with a native application, we have a list of client tools for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS in our blog post with the seven best MQTT client tools.

Building your first prototype in the language you know

If you want to do more than simply send and receive messages. You can build your first pretty with the library in your favorite programming language. We have tutorials to all MQTT clients, the MQTT Client Encyclopedia on our blog.

Here are the most popular MQTT Client Encyclopedia entries:

Next step for using MQTT in production – Setup your own broker

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