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HiveMQ's Confluent Cloud Integration

Streaming IoT Data Between HiveMQ Cloud and Confluent Cloud

HiveMQ Cloud's Integration with Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a cloud-native and complete data streaming platform provided by Confluent, the company behind Apache Kafka®. Provided as a fully managed service, it enables businesses to harness the power of Kafka while bypassing the burdens of infrastructure management. Confluent Cloud offers a scalable and reliable messaging system for real-time data streaming and event-driven applications.

HiveMQ Cloud´s integration with Confluent Cloud enables bidirectional data transmission between IoT devices and Kafka clusters to seamlessly integrate MQTT data with Confluent Cloud.

Confluent Integration in HiveMQ Cloud

Stream MQTT Data to Confluent Cloud via HiveMQ Cloud

The demo video shows how easy it is to start with the HiveMQ Cloud and Confluent Cloud to stream MQTT data in real-time.


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Here’s what the Confluent Cloud integration can do

HiveMQ Cloud and Confluent Cloud
HiveMQ Cloud and Confluent Cloud Integration

HiveMQ and Kafka Architecture

HiveMQ solves the issues of Kafka for IoT by seamlessly integrating MQTT messages into the Kafka messaging flow. Conversely, Kafka messages can be distributed to HiveMQ and MQTT clients. The HiveMQ broker is extended to include a native implementation of the Kafka protocol. This allows HiveMQ to transpose MQTT messages into the Kafka protocol and vice versa. Our architecture allows for full MQTT support of IoT data plus complete integration with Kafka.

Architectural diagram of HiveMQ and Kafka

Why Is HiveMQ & MQTT Needed for IoT Use Cases?

Kafka is well suited for sharing data between enterprise systems and applications located in a data center or in the cloud. However, for IoT use cases there are a number of reasons Kafka is not well suited:
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