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HiveMQ is the enterprise MQTT platform that lays a powerful foundation for Pharma 4.0. It solves data connectivity and interoperability challenges by providing a secure, reliable, and scalable data abstraction layer between OT and IT systems.

What are the Benefits of Digital Transformation and Pharma 4.0?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing faces several pressures such as supply chain disruptions, quality control issues, and increased regulatory control that are impacting the ability to bring safe and effective medicines from R&D to market faster. Pharma Manufacturing is increasingly turning to the integration of digital technologies and automation, or Pharma 4.0, to solve these problems.


Improve efficiency

Automate processes and use data analytics to improve efficiency across manufacturing lines and locations.

Innovate faster with MQTT and IoT

Innovate faster

Use digital technologies to be more agile and quickly identify and recover from costly mistakes or unsuccessful endeavors.

Enhance quality control with MQTT and IoT

Enhance quality control

Apply real-time monitoring and analytics to quickly identify and fix issues before they negatively affect quality.

Increase regulatory compliance with MQTT & IoT

Increase regulatory compliance

Automate regulatory reporting and quality control, and ensure the traceability of data to support regulatory compliance.

Challenges Facing Pharma Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry faces several pressures that are impacting its ability to bring safe and effective medicines from R&D to market faster and overcome issues like supply chain disruptions and competition. The pharmaceutical world is highly regulated and compliance management is both time-consuming and costly, while non-compliance can lead to significant fines or legal actions from organizations like FDA and the European Medical Agency. The Food and Drug Administration, for example, has the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 which dictates that electronic records of all drug manufacturing data needs to be available in raw uninterpreted format for at least 7 years for audits.

Pharma manufacturers are increasingly turning to the integration of digital technologies and automation to solve these challenges. This approach has been termed Pharma 4.0, which involves the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and Industrial IoT to improve operations and ensure compliance.

HiveMQ MQTT Platform For Pharma 4.0

HiveMQ Pharma Manufacturing Architecture

HiveMQ has been the cornerstone of our transformation across 15 pharmaceutical factories worldwide. With zero data loss and impeccable reliability, we've met stringent FDA requirements effortlessly.



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Why HiveMQ for Pharma 4.0?

HiveMQ solves the challenges of data collection and movement in Pharma manufacturing by adding a reliable, scalable and secure data abstraction layer between OT and IT systems that enables heterogeneous machines and processes to work together seamlessly even in constrained environments.

Achieve Business Critical Reliability with MQTT

Business Critical Reliability

Operate mission-critical systems reliably 24/7 with zero message loss and redundant clustering technology.

Achieve End-to-End Security with MQTT

End-to-End Security

Ensure applications and data meet the highest security standards with end-to-end encryption and configurable security controls.

Achieve Scalability to Support Growth with MQTT and IoT

Scalability to Support Growth

Add any number of sites and scale to millions of connected devices seamlessly with a linear design for scalability

Achieve Observable Insights with MQTT and IoT

Observable Insights

Troubleshoot and keep all factory systems running as planned with tools and metrics for transparency and observability

Achieve Flexible Integration with MQTT and IoT

Flexible Integration

Focus on your core business instead of using developer resources with OT-IT data integration into enterprise applications and infrastructure like Apache Kafka.

Simple-to-Deploy MQTT Broker for IoT


Achieve rapid time-to-value with a platform that is flexible enough to deploy on-premise, in any cloud, or via the fully-managed and feature-rich HiveMQ Cloud offering.

Business Value Pricing

HiveMQ prices its offerings based on the value you derive, not on speed and feeds. There is no need to count messages or integrations, rather we align to specific business goals and outcomes. Specifically, we offer pricing based on:

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Number of Plants

Number of Plants or Locations

How many plants or locations do you need to support and over what time period?


Complexity of Each Location

How many devices and protocol types need to be supported per plant?

Hybrid Deployment

Deployment Options

Do you need us to run the software for you, or will you self-manage the deployment? What is the relationship between plants and headquarters?


Time Commitment

Are you looking for a multi-year deal or to renew each year?

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