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Smart Manufacturing Solutions Require Reliable Messaging

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are driving the manufacturing industry to modernize their software infrastructure. Key to this modernization process is enabling a reliable messaging system to transfer data from the factory floor to the cloud. HiveMQ offers a reliable and scalable MQTT based solution that meets the demands of a smart factory.

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HiveMQ and our consulting partners collaborate with forward thinking organizations to develop a messaging architecture for their smart factories and other IIoT manufacturing solutions. Contact us to discuss how HiveMQ’s MQTT platform can be used to power a new way of creating a connected and smart factory.

Daimler Smart Manufacturing Case Study

Learn how Daimler uses HiveMQ in their smart manufacturing solution to improve the efficiency of vehicle testing.

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Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with MQTT

Manufacturing organizations are turning to IoT manufacturing solutions to modernize their manufacturing operations to be more efficient, cost effective and responsive to market demands. A key to modernization is breaking down the data silos and proprietary protocols that dominate traditional manufacturing operations. A new software architecture based on the MQTT messaging protocol is being used by some of the more advanced manufacturing companies in the world. In this white paper, we discuss the motivation and drivers behind software modernization, the technical challenges and architectural patterns that can be used to deliver a reliable, scalable and flexible message platform for a connected and smart factory.


Implementing Interoperability for Smart Manufacturing

Data interoperability is a significant challenge to implement smart manufacturing solutions. Proprietary hardware and software often create data silos that make information sharing difficult. Sparkplug, is a new specification built on MQTT, to address the needs of data interoperability in industrial automation and smart manufacturing use cases. HiveMQ is active in the Sparkplug specification process and has developed a number of education resources for our community. Check out our Sparkplug Solutions page to learn more.

HiveMQ and MQTT Sparkplug

Manufacturing Partners for HiveMQ and MQTT Solutions

HiveMQ works with a number of consulting companies that provide expert level assistance in smart manufacturing solutions. These companies can help you adopt HiveMQ and MQTT into your IoT project.