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From Rig to Refinery: How IoT and MQTT are Revolutionizing Oil and Gas

2 min read White Paper

As the energy demand continues to grow, industry has embraced various technological advancements to extract, refine, and distribute O&G resources more effectively. Many O&G companies are digitizing their operations, and IIoT technologies are powering this transition. However, digitalization using IIoT comes with challenges, including unreliable networks, legacy infrastructure, costly bandwidth, inefficient protocols, and complex systems. 

The MQTT protocol effectively addresses these challenges, offering a straightforward and dependable method to connect various systems and integrate data into enterprise environments. However, not all MQTT Brokers are equally suitable for digitalization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects within the Oil & Gas sector. Selecting the appropriate MQTT platform is crucial.

This white paper outlines how the HiveMQ Enterprise MQTT platform is particularly well-suited for enabling diverse use cases in Oil & Gas, thanks to its exceptional reliability, security, and scalability features.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 

  • IIoT Technologies and Use Cases Supported in O&G 

  • Data Challenges with IIoT in the O&G Industry 

  • How MQTT Can Help Address Data Challenges

  • HiveMQ: Providing a Secure, Scalable and Reliable IIoT Data Solution 

  • How HiveMQ Enables O&G Use Cases

  • Laying the Right Data Foundation for Digital Transformation

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