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Architecting a Unified Namespace for IIoT with MQTT


This eBook aims to build up on the UNS Essentials series and offers practical guidance for architecting a UNS for your organization. The series starts by solidifying the core principles of a Unified Namespace (UNS) architecture for manufacturing enterprises and then explores the essential elements of the UNS architecture, dives deep into designing information mapping for your UNS semantic hierarchical structure and data modeling, and touches upon how to secure UNS architecture.

Our eBooks are designed for more technical readers who want to delve deep into the topic.

Chapters in this eBook

  • Foundations of the Unified Namespace Architecture for IIoT

  • Designing Your UNS Semantic Information Hierarchy

  • Data and Functional Modeling for Unified Namespace

  • Securing the Unified Namespace Architecture for IIoT

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A webinar discussing how UNS can help with IT/OT interoperabiliry, create a framework for agility & scalability, and enable AI/ML & advanced analytics. Watch now.

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