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Building Industrial IoT Systems in 2024

2 min read White Paper

There is no doubt enterprises are thinking about IIoT deployment - 74% have developed or are in the process of developing an IIoT strategy, which is up year over year. This report unveils what is delaying and driving the business impact of IIoT based on feedback from 350 professionals surveyed by IIoT World.

The findings can help industrial companies anticipate common challenges, adopt the right technologies for success, and demonstrate ROI quickly when deploying IIoT projects this year. Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Providing business impact from IIoT systems: A boost in productivity was the top benefit survey respondents (29%) indicated they expect from an IIoT implementation. A close second to productivity was improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) (23%).

  • How to overcome top challenges for IIoT implementation: Over a third of respondents (31%) said a key challenge for implementing IIoT systems is a lack of budget and uncertain ROI.

  • The preferred technologies to adopt to execute on IIoT strategies: 60% of respondents have deployed, plan to deploy, or consider MQTT as their protocol of choice for IIoT systems.

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