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Asset Performance Management Playbook


Delivering an Asset Performance Management (APM) strategy requires modern, scalable technology to ensure you can monitor and optimize assets throughout their lifecycle. Considering that 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident over the past three years, a strong APM approach can be paramount to business operations.

This playbook guides you through building an APM strategy - from aligning stakeholders and technology needs to demonstrating business value for the use case. Get your copy of this playbook to learn how leading organizations have achieved regulatory compliance, efficient fleet management, and saved millions of dollars with APM using MQTT and the HiveMQ platform. 

Table of Contents in this Playbook

  • State of Play for Asset Performance Management

  • How Companies Win with Asset Performance Management

  • Where Legacy Tech Falls Short

  • The Tech Players – MQTT, MQTT Platform, IT Systems

  • The Star Players - Business and Technical Stakeholders

  • Highlight Reel: Real-World Case Studies

  • Let’s Play! - Business Value Assessment

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