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HiveMQ Enterprise Extension

for PostgreSQL

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This extension seamlessly integrates MQTT data with PostgreSQL, unlocking the full potential of IoT data analytics.

Category: Data Integration

Version: Bundles with HiveMQ

License: Commercial

Provider: HiveMQ

Verified: Yes

Integrate MQTT data with PostgreSQL. Unlock the full potential of IoT data analytics.


PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system known for its scalability, flexibility, and extensive feature set.The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL makes it possible to:

  • Forward MQTT messages from IoT devices to one or more PostgreSQL databases.

  • Convert MQTT messages into PostgreSQL rows with convenient statement templates and insert statements.

  • Optimize data formatting for efficient data querying and quick analysis.

Why HiveMQ and PostgreSQL?

HiveMQ’s MQTT platform is the ideal choice for supplementing your investment in PostgreSQL to unlock the full power of data analytics.

Real-time Analytics of IoT, IIoT and MQTT data with HiveMQ MQTT Platform.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze IoT data to provide real-time insights into device performance, user behavior, and environmental conditions for swift decision-making.

Predictive Analytics of IoT, IIoT and MQTT data with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Predictive Analytics

Utilize analytical tools with PostgreSQL to query real-time sensor data and build predictive models for pattern identification and trend analysis.

Historical Trend Analysis of IoT, IIoT and MQTT data with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Historical Trend Analysis

Use PostgreSQL to store and analyze new and historical IoT data to identify trends and patterns over time.

IoT Data Visualization of IoT, IIoT and MQTT data with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Data Visualization

Create curated reports and dashboards, providing data visualization and empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.

HiveMQ Extensions

HiveMQ extensions are plugins that provide seamless integration with streaming services, databases, data warehouses, and security services. There is a Custom SDK to build tailored extensions for specific integration needs.

Scalability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Extensions usage scales along with the rest of the cluster and each enterprise extension is designed and tested for use in a cluster.

Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Extensions run on each cluster node, so if a node exits the cluster the extension will be present on the replacement node.

Managebility with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

No separate nodes to manage. Easily manage cluster-wide configuration in a Kubernetes cluster with the HiveMQ Operator.

Get started with HiveMQ today

Choose between a fully-managed cloud or self-managed MQTT platform. Our MQTT experts can help you with your solution and demonstrate HiveMQ in action.

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