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HiveMQ Extension


This community-developed extension integrates HiveMQ with Splunk.

Category: Observability

License: Commercial

Provider: SVA

Verified: Yes


The HiveMQ Splunk Extension enables you to post your MQTT messages as well as your HiveMQ metric data to a Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC). This allows for MQTT topics to be mapped directly to Splunk indexes and forward messages to multiple Splunk instances in a high-performant, scalable and reliable manner.


  • Download the zip file. It contains the latest version of the Splunk extension and the documentation.

  • Unzip the file: de.sva.hivemq.extensions.splunk_<version>.zip to the directory: <HIVEMQ_HOME>/extensions/de.sva.hivemq.extensions.splunk

  • Put the License-file for the extension in the directory <HIVEMQ_HOME>/extensions/de.sva.hivemq.extensions.splunk

  • A configuration file configuration.json can be found in the de.sva.hivemq.extensions.splunk folder.

  • The properties are preconfigured with standard settings for forwarding all MQTT topics, and some recommended metrics. The configuration can be modified as required. A detailed explanation of the individual fields and how they can be modified is located in the lower part of the readme.

  • Start HiveMQ.

Evaluation License

The HiveMQ Splunk Extension is available for free download and evaluation. This extension only works with HiveMQ Professional or HiveMQ Enterprise.

The evaluation version is limited to operate for only 5 hours. You will need to restart HiveMQ each time you want to reset the 5-hour limit.

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