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HiveMQ Enterprise Extension

for Kafka

Data StreamingKafka

Effortless bi-directional MQTT data movement between IoT devices and Kafka clusters.

Category: Data Streaming

Version: Bundles with HiveMQ

License: Commercial

Provider: HiveMQ

Verified: Yes

HiveMQ and Kafka


Apache Kafka is a popular open source streaming platform that makes it easy to share data between enterprise systems and applications. The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka implements the native Kafka protocol inside the HiveMQ MQTT broker and makes it possible to:

  • Solve the difficulty of using Kafka for IoT by seamlessly integrating MQTT messages into the Kafka messaging flow.

  • Add monitored, bidirectional MQTT messaging to and from Kafka clusters for a highly scalable and resilient end-to-end IoT solution.

  • Forward MQTT messages from IoT devices that are connected to HiveMQ to topics in one or more Kafka clusters.

  • Get information from a Kafka topic and publish this information as MQTT messages to one or more MQTT topics.

  • Use the HiveMQ Kafka Extension Customization SDK to programmatically specify custom handling of message transformations between HiveMQ and Kafka.

HiveMQ and Kafka Architecture

Bidirectional communication between HiveMQ and Kafka.

HiveMQ and Kafka
  • 01:10 - Use multiple MQTT topic filters to route MQTT messages to relevant Kafka topics
  • 01:30 - Message buffering ensures high availability and failure tolerance
  • 01:44 - Monitor all MQTT messages written to and from Kafka
  • 01:58 - Validate messages from Kafka
  • 02:16 - Specify custom handling of message transformations between HiveMQ and Kafka

Video Overview

Watch this 3-minute overview of the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka to learn how it supports bidirectional communication between IoT devices and Kafka.

Why HiveMQ and Kafka

HiveMQ’s MQTT platform is the ideal choice for supplementing your investment in Kafka. Unlock the power of IoT with HiveMQ and Kafka with these key features:

Ingest any IoT data with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Ingest Any IoT Data

Ingest MQTT data from any IoT or IIoT device in its original format into a Kafka cluster, including payload, topic, timestamps, and more.

Publish Kafka Topic Data with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Publish Kafka Topic Data

Forward polling information from Kafka clusters as MQTT messages to one or more MQTT topics that can be acted on by IoT devices.

Intelligently Route Messages with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Intelligently Route Messages

Utilize multiple MQTT topic filters with the full support of wildcards to route MQTT messages to the desired Kafka topics.

Ensure High Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Ensure High Availability

Utilize the message buffering feature on the HiveMQ MQTT broker to ensure high availability and failure tolerance whenever a Kafka cluster becomes temporarily unavailable.

Critical Reliability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Critical Reliability

Operate mission-critical systems reliably 24/7 with zero message loss and redundant clustering technology.

Manageability and Observability of IoT application using HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Manageability and Observability

Centrally monitor all MQTT messages written to and from Kafka, and validate the messages using the schema registry.

HiveMQ and Kafka

The Kafka extension is part of a broader set of technologies you can leverage to unlock the power of IoT with Kafka. We have a complete solution page detailing this approach.

HiveMQ and Kafka Resources

Top recommended resources to help you unlock the power of IoT with MQTT and Kafka.

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Case Study

BMW Mobility Services Drives Connectivity Innovation with HiveMQ: A Case Study in Seamless Car-Sharing Solutions

Discover how BMW Mobility Services, a leader in innovative mobility solutions, leverages HiveMQ for their car-sharing application. Overcoming challenges of network reliability, they achieved sub-second response times, supported over 80,000 concurrent connections, and improved services in unreliable network areas. Download the case study for insights into their successful implementation and recommendations for utilizing HiveMQ and MQTT in IoT solutions.

Case Study

Driving Innovation: Rimac's Connected Cars Leverage HiveMQ's MQTT for Automotive Excellence

Explore Rimac's success story in the realm of connected cars, powered by the cutting-edge MQTT technology from HiveMQ. Discover how MQTT transforms automotive connectivity, providing real-time, efficient communication for the next generation of smart and connected vehicles.

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HiveMQ Data Sheet - MQTT and Kafka

Download the HiveMQ Kafka data sheet and learn how to architect scalable IoT systems with MQTT and Kafka.


Driving the Connected Future: Autonomic's Automotive Breakthrough with MQTT and HiveMQ

Explore Autonomic's journey in revolutionizing the automotive industry through connected vehicles, powered by HiveMQ's MQTT technology. Delve into this insightful case study, showcasing how MQTT solutions are shaping the future of automotive connectivity, ensuring seamless communication and innovation in the realm of connected vehicles.

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Elevating Connected Vehicles with MQTT: ECARX's Success Journey with HiveMQ

Explore how ECARX revolutionized the automotive landscape through the seamless integration of MQTT technology. Dive into our case study, showcasing the pivotal role of HiveMQ in enhancing connected vehicles, optimizing communication, and reshaping the future of smart mobility

Case Study

HiveMQ Extensions

HiveMQ extensions are plugins that provide seamless integration with streaming services, databases, data warehouses, and security services. There is a Custom SDK to build tailored extensions for specific integration needs.

Scalability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions usage scales along with the rest of the cluster and each enterprise extension is designed and tested for use in a cluster.

Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions run on each cluster node, so if a node exits the cluster the extension will be present on the replacement node.

Managebility with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


No separate nodes to manage. Easily manage cluster-wide configuration in a Kubernetes cluster with the HiveMQ Operator.

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