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HiveMQ Enterprise Extension

for Google Cloud Pub/Sub

This extension supports bidirectional communication between IoT devices and Google Cloud using Google Pub/Sub.

Category: Data Streaming

Version: Bundles with HiveMQ

License: Commercial

Provider: HiveMQ

Verified: Yes

HiveMQ and Google Pub Sub


Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully managed messaging service of the Google Cloud platform that allows you to send and receive messages between applications. Pub/Sub is typically used for streaming analytics and data integration pipelines to ingest and distribute data. The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Pub/Sub makes it possible to:

  • Solve the difficulty of using Google Pub/Sub for IoT by seamlessly integrating MQTT messages into the Pub/Sub messaging flow.

  • Use flexible extension configuration to leverage Google Pub/Sub data and unlock further Google data processing services on MQTT data.

  • Forward MQTT messages from IoT devices to one or more Google Pub/Sub Data Streams via your HiveMQ broker.

  • Consume Pub/Sub records from Google Pub/Sub and publish to one or more MQTT topics.

  • Filter and transform MQTT and Pub/Sub messages bidirectionally at runtime with the HiveMQ Google customization SDK.

HiveMQ and Google Cloud Pub/Sub Architecture

Bidirectional communication between HiveMQ and Pub/Sub.

HiveMQ MQTT Google Pub Sub
  • 00:10 - Google IoT Core is being retired on August 16, 2023
  • 00:42 - Why Choose HiveMQ, a full-feature MQTT broker, as a replacement to Google IoT Core
  • 00:50 - Reason 1. HiveMQ is based on open standards
  • 01:24 - Reason 2. Scalability and reliability of HiveMQ
  • 02:04 - Reason 3. Deep integration with Google Cloud. HiveMQ has an extension for Google PubSub.
  • 02:33 - What are the main capabilities of Google PubSub Extension from HiveMQ?

Explore the Best Alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core

Google has deprecated Google IoT Core. HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Pub/Sub is a proven, viable solution that works seamlessly to send data to Google Cloud.

Why HiveMQ and Google Cloud Pub/Sub

HiveMQ’s MQTT platform is the ideal choice for supplementing your investment in Google Cloud. Unlock the power of IoT with HiveMQ and Google Cloud with these key features:

Ingest Any IoT Data from HiveMQ MQTT Platform to Google Pub/Sub

Ingest IoT Data

Ingest MQTT data from any IoT or IIoT device in its original format into a Google Pub/Sub cluster, including payload, topic, timestamps, and more.

Publish Pub/Sub Topic Data from HiveMQ MQTT Platform to Google Pub/Sub

Publish Pub/Sub Topic Data

Forward polling information from Google Pub/Sub clusters as MQTT messages to one or more MQTT topics that can be acted on by IoT devices.

Ensure High Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Ensure High Availability

Utilize the message buffering feature on the HiveMQ MQTT broker to ensure high availability and failure tolerance whenever a Google Pub/Sub cluster becomes temporarily unavailable.

Ensure Business Critical Reliability with HiveMQ

Business Critical Reliability

Operate mission-critical systems reliably 24/7 with zero message loss and redundant clustering technology.

HiveMQ and Google Cloud

The Google Pub/Sub extension is part of a broader set of technologies that you can leverage to unlock the power of IoT in Google Cloud. We have a complete solution page detailing this approach.

HiveMQ Extensions

HiveMQ extensions are plugins that provide seamless integration with streaming services, databases, data warehouses, and security services. There is a Custom SDK to build tailored extensions for specific integration needs.

Scalability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions usage scales along with the rest of the cluster and each enterprise extension is designed and tested for use in a cluster.

Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions run on each cluster node, so if a node exits the cluster the extension will be present on the replacement node.

Managebility with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


No separate nodes to manage. Easily manage cluster-wide configuration in a Kubernetes cluster with the HiveMQ Operator.

HiveMQ and Google Cloud Resources

Top recommended resources to help you unlock the power of IoT with Google Cloud

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