HiveMQ Extension



This extension implements Access Control (RBAC) based on a configuration file.

Category: Security

Version: 4.5.3

License: Apache 2.0

Provider: HiveMQ

Verified: Yes


The File Authentication and Authorization Extension implements Access Control based on a configuration file.

This extension implements the configuration for authentication and authorization rules via XML-file. These mechanism are important to protect a MQTT deployment, and the data which is exchanged, from unwanted access.

The extension provides fine grained control on a topic level to limit clients to specific topics and specific actions (publish or subscribe). Substitution rules for clientId and username allow for dynamic roles to be applied to multiple clients, while still limiting each client to “their own” topics.


  • Username and password based authentication for MQTT Clients

  • Fine grained access control on a topic-filter level

  • Role based permission management

  • Automatic Substitution of client identifier and username

  • Runtime reload for Credentials and Roles

  • Support for Hashed or Plain-text passwords

  • Tooling to generate salted password hashes

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